Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Personal Training London | Naked In The City - Naturist Experience

For All Men

Personal Training London Naturist Fitness Experience for bodyweight exercise to relax or challenge! An Introduction to working out in the nude - carefree and inspirational.

A great fitness experience for your whole body and mind. Strip away your clothes and so you strip away any stresses and strains of modern busy life to free your body and mind to be carefree. Increase your fitness and your whole well being as well as the opportunity for deep sensual relaxation.

Want to get Naked in the City!

  • Mobile service to your venue in London.
  • Choose to get seriously fit or seriously relaxed or inspired.
  • Going naked is great for body confidence.
  • Make Getting fit & healthy exciting.

A workout to:

Challenge your fitness

or to be Sensual and develop mind/body connection

Bodyweight Exercise for resistance or support/capable of pushing any man to the limit or to develop the great mind/body connection - your body is all we need - especially for the sensual element. Tell me your training aims and I'll work out a custom workout for you to get them.

  • Unique training aims - we can do the conventional or the unconventional ((men's health is my speciality!) and is capable of really making you feel great.
  • Time Out to Really Connect to your Body as a result of the barrier of clothes coming down but also the barrier of any stress or anxiety - so that you can just enjoy being you! (If that makes sense?)

The Gym/your room is Naked too!

It wont be just the two of us that are naked! The gym is too. In fact it isn't a gym it is just a really nice space top be free and express your fitness self - free of any distractions of equipment or others just a great space to inspire you to get/keep your whole body fit and your mind too.

Relax simply by connecting to your body through movement and the freeing effect of being naked. Then if you want to further relax there is always breathing exercises and mindfulness where you explore your body with your mind.

Challenging or Relaxing

It starts off easy and fun - for focus upon your body allowing you to really connect with it at a deeper level.

There is then the option that the exercise can gradually build in intensity to give a full on challenging workout capable of pushing anyone as it gets tougher and tougher. Tell me what improvements you want to gain and I'll devise a fun bodyweight workout to get them! One that you can practice at home too if you'd like!

Body Shape

Sculpt and change your body shape. There's limits set by our genes –there's three main body types and we can have varying amounts of these or just one meaning we're predisposed to a certain shape, but within certain parameters we can improve.

If body shape issues are as a result of excess fat - a two fold approach can really work well, to lose fat but also build and strengthen the underlying muscles to give a greater framework and shape for the fat that can appear reduced due to the extra definition.


Strength for a particular task can be improved. Most parts of your body can be strengthened in order to achieve something that you need to. Whilst the focus can be on a specific area of your body, there is still a need to ensure we train your whole body to some extent as no part of your body works in isolation.


We're always being told to exercise for better health. With many forms of exercise, and sometimes conflicting advice, it can be difficult to know what you should be doing: walking, running, or lifting weights? The answer always is the same - It depends upon what you want to achieve and what aspect of your health you are wanting to improve.  A range of illnesses and chronic conditions can be managed with specific exercise and small lifestyle changes. I'm GP Exercise Referral Qualified.  Plus Nursing & Healthcare Experienced in orthopaedics, cardiac care and diabetes.

Lost Fat

The easiest way to reducing fat is to really understand yourself – what are your weaknesses – your triggers. I will get to know a bit about you and together we will have a plan for you – for the rest of your life. This may sound heavy going – but it needs to be sustainable otherwise the fat will just go back on. This can be really exciting!


Improve your fitness so that you don't get out of breath so easily, increase your stamina or your ability to do certain tasks. There's many different types to choose from, so I'll be asking about what you enjoy, then you'll be more likely to do them regularly.

Depending upon the results you want - 1 minute of the right exercise may help you get fit quicker than a whole hour of the wrong exercise. It can be possible to get fit in as little as a few minutes every day. Exercise is no different to medication. You need to be on the right medication to gain a response!

Improve Confidence

Exercise is proven to help confidence and will help you feel good about yourself. The power that exercise has upon our mind has also been demonstrated in many different studies such as for depression, so there is a clearly an established link. I'll vouch for this one! What will work for you will totally depend upon your personality, which means I will have to get to know quite a bit about you - but one thing is for sure specific exercise and lifestyle training can definitely help you improve your confidence.

Making Lifestyle Change Sexy

We'll use all the five parts of lifestyle training to get you the body improvements that you want. This means results 5 times as quick and 5 times as good - as all parts work together to improve your body.  Exercise on its will do something - but doing as many of the other parts as possible will help.