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Personal Training London For Every Part of The Male Body

Naked Personal Trainer LondonA different fitness experience with Personal Training London at the London training room.

Personal Training London is a different and exciting fitness experience for men - capable of getting some great improvements For Every Part of The Male Body. This training is all about really appreciating your body, connecting with it and improving it and your mind.

Different training for all parts of your body and for all men.

A healthy lifestyle may just start to appeal....

Venues for Personal Training London

London Training Room

A great space - to connect to all parts of your body.

Wacky and enjoyable exercise and relaxation without the distraction of others or equipment.

All we need is privacy - no equipment - our body's are all we need (even for the general exercise there are imaginative and fun ways to train) 

Venues can therefore be:

Your Home

Your Hotel Room

Your Place of Work

......anywhere where we'll have privacy.

The Naked Options

The Gym is naked - so it is just a bare room - allowing you to feel totally free with yourself.

Plus if you want to really enjoy your body and its movements you can try he naked option - to really experience a different form of exercise that is good for the body and great for the mind.

This is a fun but challenging way to exercise'

An Appreciation of the Male Body

We don't need any equipment to do this - just our bodies. This appreciation is focussed upon functionality as much as anything else. This personal training London maybe just in a bare room - the London Training Room but that is all we need - a space where you can feel comfortable, express yourself and enjoy your body in a different way with movement and exercise.

I may be the Gay Personal Trainer...

...but this is not about me - I am just being upfront about my sexuality which due to the sometimes possible personal nature of this training may be important. However this training is all about you and every part of you - to give a fitness experience for your whole body. This is not only great for your fitness but also good for your happiness, contentment - lowering stress levels and relaxing the mind. Perfect if you have a busy life in the City of London.

It is suitable and great for ll men of any sexuality and any age.

Do the Londinium Challenge?

Roman Style exercise as used by the Romans back in the days of Londinium - using each other's body either for support or resistance - it may just be one of the most challenging and exciting workouts you do.

Personal Training London is Different

Get Fit

No equipment your body and mine is all we need to get you fit. Your body in a variety of positions combined with movement is all we need to improve your fitness and strength. We can start off gradual and move through a whole programme of wacky bodyweight exercise that is fun, enjoyable and can be very challenging.

Really Connect

This gets you really in touch with your body in a way that is different to when we are clothed. This is raw training, that enables you to really focus upon you and nothing else. This focus can be for specific fitness and strengths improvements or even how you feel about yourself.

Boosts Confidence

This type of training not only improves the physical body but also the mind - proven to boost confidence in a variety of ways.


Happiness and excitement are boosted in many different ways with this personal training which has a longer term positive effect upon how you feel and a physiological effect upon your body such as changing hormone profile and making fitness gains even easier.

Where Personal Training London is available

Confidential All information you give is totally confidential - every aspect - from initial enquiry through to training session and on-going support, never to be shared or discussed with anyone.

Personal Training London can be mobile. I can visit you in your home or anywhere we have some privacy. Even a hotel room will do.

Or you can visit me in the London Training Room (central London). I am in the process of finding this room, so if you are interested in this exciting personal training London, please register your interest or find out more using the form below...

London Training Room

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