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Strengthen Your Face

Specialised exercise, for your face.

Strengthen your face and gain a natural lift - with Specific Exercise and Personal Lifestyle Training.

Specific exercise is the main aspect, however lifestyle training can enhance the results by improving skin health. Plus, when we are stressed we do without realising it tend to contract certain muscles which can over time lead to certain expressions almost being etched into our face. Whilst the exercises will help reverse this, the lifestyle aspect will prevent any further damage.

Look Good, Youthful and Lively

The facial muscles gradually decline and weaken with age - just as muscles do in the rest of our body. To strengthen your face and give it a gentle lift is challenging - as results can be slow but equally can be very rewarding. When we see even the slightest of changes it really is a great feeling. Slow results that results gives us time to ensure we cant change anything too radically, and alter our appearance by over training certain muscles. It gives us time to ensure no part of your face is neglected so that you get a gentle natural lift that can make you look younger, more youthful and relevant!

The initial benefits are often to gain greater control of the muscles via the nerves (which can sometimes simply forget how to fire). Gaining control and fine tuning our movements, improves muscle tone - resulting in a slightly less tired and a more 'full of life' look. As these nerve impulses strengthen further, so does muscle strength and volume to give your face a stronger, more youthful appearance.

The Specialised Exercises

There can be many different ways in which we may wish to improve, whether it be to look more lively, or to diminish certain expressions and frown lines, strengthening different muscles can give very specific results. There are specialist exercises that are used by dentists to improve the smile, and the NHS to help strengthen facial muscles that have been weakened. These exercises involve no equipment and can be done anywhere at any time when you are on your own.

We are improving the facial muscles and this also strengthens the tendons and also improves bone density as a result of the stresses and strains being placed upon them.

Strengthen Your Face and Look Younger

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