Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Stronger Erections - Naturally or with Naturist Fitness

Erection TrainingWhy not exercise for a stronger erection?

Three Different Types of Erections - Which one would you like to see an Improvement in.

Reflex Erections - as a result of touching or stroking the genitals.

Psychogenic Erections - resulting from feelings of arousal.

Spontaneous Erections - involuntary, usually occur 3 or 4 times a night - and sometimes can occur in the day for no apparent reason.

Naturist Fitness Experience & Erection Training

Naturist Fitness Experience works really wel - giving you a reset or kickstart a new lifestyle that is supportive to erection quality. Whereas the reality is - much modern day living is actually destructive for erection health. The Naturist Fitness Experience tackles this.

The Naturist Fitness Experience thus tackles lifestyle and general exercise components of Erection Coaching, but not all aspects of the Harper Capability - namely the specific penis exercises and sexualness aspects, as this would only confuse the Naturist element. The full Harper Capability Coaching requires me to be clothed. 

Lifestyle Change for Stronger Erection

Not many people enjoy exercise and want to live a healthy lifestyle - there has to be a reason. If the reason is strong enough you'll be more likely to live a healthy lifestyle.  If there is a great incentive - the motivation to live a healthy lifestyle will be there. When we have this incentive it can be easy and almost enjoyable to be healthy. The thought of a stronger erection gives us all a great incentive  to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. This focus can really help us stay motivated to live just that bit healthier, and what's more our whole body benefits.

A Quick Overview About Erections and the Nature Fitness Experience

There are many factors involved in gaining an erection. When you become aroused your brain sends a signal to increase blood flow to your penis which causes it to expand and become erect.

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The Naturist Fitness Experience?


100% natural fitness training for body & mind.

Whilst there can be reflex erection as a result of the genitals being stimulated an erection generally starts and is maintained under control of your brain. Therefore if you're anxious or have any psychological problems this can interfere with the erection process. This where the naturist fitness experience comes in - actively encouraging a body and mind freedom to simply let your mind and body express itself in a different way. This is why we don't use the Harper Capability as the Naturist Fitness Experience is your bod's and mind chance to express itself without following a programme - but instead encouraged to be free - with no performance pressure to react in any way. In true Naturist style erections are not encouraged. However if they happen - they simply happen. 

A Stronger Erection Will Help Your Mind and Your Whole Body

When your erection is strong and you feel good - this will start a whole cascade of physiological and psychological benefits.

Erection Training Will Keep You Young & Strong

It can be a vicious circle – testosterone is associated with a stronger erection, but when our erection is noticeably weaker than it once was, it is inevitable that our confidence risks being eroded. If our confidence falls - then so can testosterone. If testosterone levels fall then so will muscle mass over our whole body. This can add to the effects of a gradual age related decline in our health – with the likelihood of a greater body fat percentage, less muscle mass, less bone density and risk of developing more chronic conditions or disease.  But this need not be the case - it can all be turned around simply by starting with your penis.

The Benefits of Pursuing a Stronger Erection

What is good for your erection is good for your whole body, in the pursuit of getting a stronger erection your whole body will benefit from the increased exercise, the reduced bad things and the healthier eating, combined of course with reduced stress as a result of some great feelings.

The Changes in Your Body

Bit by bit you'll notice gradual changes. There is quite a lot of hard work but it does all get easier the more that you do it. Once you start changing your lifestyle and notice a few improvements in your body that's a great feeling which provides the motivation to do more. It becomes enjoyable to give your body what it needs and then see it adapt and respond. 

Erection Training Will Help You Stay Youthful

  • A stronger erection is good for your whole well-being and can help your confidence.
  • Your mind will become focussed on all that is good for your body.
  • Your whole body will become healthier, fitter and stronger.
  • You will feel more youthful and more masculine.
  • You will be happier - it can help with depression.

Your whole Body & Mind will benefit from both the training and the results.

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Boost Your Confidence with Erection Training

There's no getting away from it – a strong erection really can boost your self esteem and confidence. When our self esteem is high and we're feeling confident – it is amazing how much more we can achieve in all areas of life.