Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

UK Personal Trainer London

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This Health & fitness training is different - combining with other aspects you need - health, relaxation, excitement, freedom, virility and mindset - the rewards can be immense.

This training is all about your body & mind connection, it is not about equipment - bodyweight exercise for your whole body, using either just your body or each others for either support or resistance.

Unconventional vs Convention

Naturist Fitness Experience


Coaching for your body & mind in an alternative way

London - Mobile Coaching


Place of Work

Hotel Room

or anywhere else that gives privacy.

Specialist Coaching

Range of Exciting exercises offered by the UK personal trainer. You can try as many as you wish - all can be carried out naked or clothed:

  • Bodyweight exercises - no equipment, you can do anywhere
  • Joint exercises we do together - a fun way to exercise.
  • Plyometric - fast powerful movements that really stress the muscles and make them stronger! and fast!
  • Flexibility - stay injury free and look youthful!
  • Mindfulness - get into the zone!
  • Boxing - in a whole range of positions to target all body - a great workout, releases tension and boosts testosterone!
  • Posture Control/Improvement


  • Virility - look after your maleness
  • Longevity - health or vanity?

Discreet & Confidential

Workouts and Training that can take place anywhere

We need no equipment - your body in various different positions can stimulate every single muscle in the body to grow stronger. However if we happen to be in a room that does have anything suitable we can use whatever may help us. When the exercise is kept basic it is ideal for many reasons:

  • we focus upon the effect the exercise is having upon your body - not machine settings.
  • greater focus, gives greater stimulus and greater results.
  • no distractions from gadgets allows your mind to really focus upon the exercise and the effect upon your body.
  • you will have a workout that can be carried out anywhere, as it is dependent upon nothing but enthusiasm.