Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Making Exercising and Training a Way of Life - a Mindset

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Starts with a reason, a goal. Then find the exercise or lifestyle intervention to get you that goal. understand the process and Enjoy your new Way of life.

There are so many ways we can make exercise and a healthy way of life really fun and exciting! One way is the Naturist fitness Experience to kickstart your new way of life - incorporating fitness into your everyday.

There has to be a reason - for a new way of life - a good reason

We all need a reason to exercise and be healthy - if you do it just because you think you should - this may not be strong enough to make you do it when you may not want to. Your reason has to be strong, personal and something you really want. that way you can picture gaining this benefit whilst you are exercising and link the benefit to the exercise or lifestyle change - reminding yourself how the process works. This will make you continue or even start in the first place. You may already have one - if not here are just a few ideas to keep in mind when you have an exercise or lifestyle decision to make!

  1. Exercise and what we eat is proven to help us feel happier and is a great treatment for depression.
  2. To look youthful, fitter and stronger to portray a great image - exercise boosts blood 
  3. To lower your risk of health conditions or manage an existing one.
  4. Virility will respond to fitness training just as any other body processes and parts. Plus you can see results quickly.

There are so many to add to this list - if you want any help with establishing the benefit you want - or linking the exercise or lifestyle intervention to it - knowing what how to train smart and understand the process by which this benefit will happen - I'll gladly assist you.

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The Naturist Fitness Experience?

100% natural fitness training for body & mind.

It's all about the aim!

Once I know your reasons for wanting to change your way of life - about the improvements that you wish to gain - I'll pick the most powerful one and turn it into an aim that you can achieve quickly.  This aim will keep you focused upon exactly why you are training - there in times of weakness, or when you really cant be bothered - to give you the push and the motivation to train, even if just for 30 seconds.

Always keeping in mind, that your training will give you the improvement you wish, provides great motivation. Dreaming about, picturing and imagining the body you want is a good thing!

Once you've achieved your aim and improved your body, you'll have such a strong sense of achievement that you'll hopefully feel empowered to make more improvements. Once your mind accepts that your training is improving your body will want to continue and begin to really enjoy the whole process.

We need to pick the right aim - big enough to make you feel good - but not too ambitious that it takes along time. If it takes too long - you may just give up.

It's all about the aim!

What's your aim? Feel free to tell me!

Body Improvements

Our body can improve in all sorts of ways, sometimes expected and hoped for, but sometimes we can notice something different - that is totally unexpected. This is a great feeling and all the motivation we need to continue with a new healthy way of life.

Retaining Body Improvements

Once we get the body we want - we have to work to keep it that way. The methods have to be sustainable or body improvements will fade as quick as they came. This means that whatever it is we do to get the body, or outlook we want – it has to be something that we can sustain.

Can be easier than you think

Changing your way of life may all sound a bit heavy, but it happens bit by bit. Initially there may be a few changes – then once you see the impact this can have on your body - before you know it all becomes a habit and something you get use to. Then you may want to see further improvements and add another health or lifestyle improvement into your life, and so it goes on.

Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

Some of the training can cause pain - having to cut out bad things in our life or make ourselves exercise.  Not real pain just short term misery - but only if we let it, remind yourself of the benefits and everything you'll be gaining. These moments soon pass and lead to longer term happiness - rewarding you with a great body that you love.


Seeing & Feeling the Improvements in Your Body

Seeing your body respond to the way you change your way of life can be so rewarding. Improvements in your body will happen at different rates according to the changes you make - but it can be important not to initially get carried away and do too much too soon. 
Your new fitness regime has to be something you can sustain, and therefore needs to be something that can be incorporated into your everyday life. Then your new health & fitness regime has every chance of working and evolving into something that you will find to be very fulfilling - for the rest of your life. I can help you establish a smart effective and exciting training, fitness or lifestyle plan - a process you'l find exciting - finding out what your body and mind are capable of.