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A Bigger Bum

by David

Hi Kwest, If I am the first to be using your new help facility I'll apologise now for my problem not being very exciting!

Since we last met everything is going well, apart from one exercise that I'm finding to be really frustrating. We did the clock squat which killed my bum, I could hardly walk properly the next day! It had to be this exercise that did it, because it was the only one for my bum that we did? The ache was such a good ache as I could almost feel the muscles building afterwards.
But since then, nothing. I hardly feel it when I do it and do not feel anything after, it is really annoying as I thought this was going to be favourite exercise as it worked so well. In fact when I am doing the exercise I feel it more in my legs. But my legs are fine, I want a bigger bum!

I did do as you say, trying it at odd times for just a minute and wondered if I was rushing it so I have since been spending longer trying to recreate that feeling, but no luck.

I know it's probably difficult to help me without being here - but thought it was worth a try??

Hope to hear from you soon,

best wishes David


Hi Dave,

It's good to hear everything else is going well. I'm sure the following will help you get back on track.

This was the only exercise we did for your bum - but we did a mindfulness session before starting the exercise - which can help to keep focus upon using the right muscle.

Plus, slightly changing how you carry out the exercise - and all should be well again. This step by step guide below will hopefully help:

Warm up to ensure you're using the right muscles.

1.Stand with your feet firmly planted on the floor, with a fairly wide stance.
2.Close your eyes and focus upon the weight of your body being transferred down through your legs to your feet, and what part of your feet are taking the weight.
3.Feel your spine start to straighten into that neutral spine that we spoke about, as you stick your bottom out.
4.Place your hands on your buttocks and clench buttocks as hard as you can, and relax.
5.Keep sticking that bottom out as much as you can whilst keeping your neutral spine (back straight with its natural curve in lower back)
6.Transfer the weight of your body mainly through your heels.
7.As you continue to clench and relax your buttocks feel your hips starting to thrust and start to exaggerate this movement.
8.Feel the sensation in your buttocks and think of nothing else as you continue to clench as hard as you can.
9.Make sure your bottom is sticking out as much as possible.
10.When are use to this sensation and movement open your eyes and now carry out the clock squat, as below.

The Clock Squat

1.Stand on one leg.
2.Stick your bottom out.
3.Clench your buttock and almost use this to lower you slowly down.
4.As you lower your body to touch the 12 O'Clock position keep clenching to keep the movement slow and controlled, feeling the weight of your body through your heels.
5.When you get there pause for a second and before you raise your body up – check your posture.
6.Your bum should be sticking out as much as it can with neutral spine and all the weight down through your heel.
7.Think of your buttock only and nothing else. It is this muscle that will straighten your body out as it lifts your upper body back up. Touch your working buttock with one of your hands to feel it working.
8.Almost push the floor away with your heels as you clench your buttock and thrust the hip upwards and forwards as forcefully as you can.
9.If it helps close your eyes and literally imagine your upper body staying where it is and as you thrust your hip to be straight, almost imagine yourself pushing the floor away from you.
10.Repeat around the clock.

Remember always keep that bottom sticking out - and then push it out a touch more whilst keeping neutral spine, with your weight more through your heels and less through your toes.

Also try:
1.Using the non working leg for a bit of stability - by just touching tips of toes to the floor so that no real weight is going through this leg – it just adds a bit of support.
2.Keeping your fingers closer to your body – a smaller clock. The farther out the more your thighs are likely to be used.
3.Use one hand to touch the clock and have your other hand on the working buttock – this will help you feel the muscle working and ensure your sole focus is upon this muscle.
4.Relax all other muscles, especially the leg.
5.It doesn't matter how slow you go.

Hopefully this will work – don't get stressed about it – just enjoy it.

If for whatever reason it doesn't work- just do the warm up by clenching your buttocks with a bit of a hip thrust, whilst relaxing your leg. This can be a good exercise in itself – the clock squat is an added bonus.

Off Days
We all have off days, I still have them - times when an exercise does not do what it should. What I have learnt is to forget about it all for a while and try again later. This always seems to work – possibly due to the fact we may be more relaxed and in tune with our body.

Don't rush it just enjoy some buttock clenching hip thrusts - and add the rest bit by bit!

Let me know how you get on.


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