Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Everything is Different to Normal!


Some training aspects may be unconventional but all is totally safe. I'm trained in physiology at University - experienced in Cardiology - and a GP referral Qualified Personal Trainer. That is why I'm able to offer so many different to normal training aims. 

Different to Normal Training

If we are nude for your personal training session - the Naturist Workout - we will get to know each other in a different way to normal which will hopefully will help with improve your health fitness and happiness. In fact all the research says it will. So sometimes different is rather good.

Clothed Training May Also Be Different

We may be clothed but you still may feel a slight excitement knowing you're with a trainer that does things differently and has some unique training aims.

Training less about muscles

If you just want bulging muscles - I am not the trainer for you. I am more into our overall health & well being - including confidence, body image and you as a sexual being.

We can train to build muscle and change body shape, but not if it risks how you feel about you. If that does not make sense then that is all good. If it does make sense I would like to ensure your confidence and self esteem are as strong as your body! I am not going to preach, just look out for you as a whole, due to a correlation between muscle increases and low self esteem / body confidence.

How does this help improve your health & fitness?

Personal Training with me can be so different – coming to my gym (or having me visit you) and possibly taking all your clothes off to exercise gives a whole new dimension to exercise – preventing it from being boring and really putting us in touch with our body. This provides constant reinforcement as to why we are exercising – something that the barrier of clothes can mask. The clothing barrier means that we tend to focus upon the discomfort and tiring aspect of exercise  as opposed to the benefits to our body and our health that we'll be gaining. Training naked, without this barrier, means that we almost embrace the aching muscles and fatigue more - and start to exercise at a higher intensity. The more our muscles ache and our body feels tired or out of breath the more the improvements to our body. If we stop at the first sign of any fatigue then we will probably not gain much of an improvement. This training is proven to help improve body image and allow us to develop a deeper connection to us, that is more about how we function and feel rather than solely upon how we look.

So having a different to normal name may have led to providing a different to normal training – who knows, but either way you can benefit from it!


NHS Nurse and Specialist GP Referral Qualified Specialist Personal Trainer gives....

...a Health & Fitness Coach In the Truest Sense!

This is all about health!

I am all about health - both physical and mental.

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