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Fun With Erection Exercise

⚠️ Nudity warning

Penis Exercise #5

See how high you can get it?

Don't take this one too seriously - however it can still really work those muscles that will give you a real hard erection

A Fun Erection Exercise to Try...

Work the muscles that support an erection, and reduce stress - the enemy of strong erections. Just enjoy it, and don't overdo it as with any exercise the muscles can start to ache!

Erection Exercise - if it's enjoyable you'll do it more and see results quicker!

Try it:

...when aroused different situations conjunction with other exercises

Erection Exercises When Aroused

Exercising your penis when aroused can add a new dimension to your exercising, producing different feelings and results - it's a great way to see the effects of the muscle you're working. Seeing your penis move reinforces why you are doing the exercises, and provides motivation to do them at other times in your day, when you're not aroused.

Penis Exercise 1

If you are slightly aroused when carrying out penis exercise 1, it will make your penis bounce up and down.

Recap of Penis Exercise 1

  1. Do the same as you would to stop an imaginary flow of urine and especially to stop wind escaping - close your anus as tight as possible whilst pulling up and into your body.
  2. Contract the muscle as you as hard as you can and hold for as long as you can.
  3. If you are slightly erect, you will see your penis rise up and it will get harder. 
  4. If you're not erect then you may feel a slight contraction in your perineum and see movement at the base of your penis.
  5. Moving hips in different positions or changing your position to include sitting, standing or lying can enable you to sense the pelvic floor muscle contracting in your body.

See your erect penis move with the exercise!

...provides that feedback and motivation to do more!

Your penis will display all the effects of contracting your pelvic floor muscle.  Initially the visible effects may not always be that great - especially with penis exercise #5 - in which case focusing upon the feelings within your body will provide feedback.

Make yur Kegel Exercise fun and your whole body will benefit

More Ideas for Penis Exercise 1

  • Pulse, with short sharp contractions.
  • Experiment with how much you can make your penis move around.
  • Try hanging something on your penis and raise it up for extra resistance.
  • See how long you can hold a contraction for.
  • Try and make it enjoyable in all sorts of ways - you'll want to do it more and your body will benefit.

Ideas for Penis Exercise 4

In time, with a bit of practice the effects will not only become more visible but the feelings that the contraction produces will become enjoyable. This can take some time with Penis Exercise 4 - but it is worth the practise to get there.

Seeing the effects:

  • When doing penis exercise 3 – you may see your penis swell. It may get thicker and the glans will become more defined as you force extra blood in. Remember – never strain or hold your breath.
  • Once you see this happening immediately switch to the opposite contraction of penis exercise 1. This has the effect of trapping that blood in there and can make your penis harder. This can produce some intense feelings.

Recap of Penis Exercise 4 - The Difficult One!

Be patient - it can take a while for you to isolate the right movement, enjoy the practising and do not strain.

  1. Stand, sit or lay down.
  2. Imagine you are blowing air into a balloon at the base of your penis or forcefully pushing your penis out, so that it becomes longer.
  3. As you get use to doing this – instead of imagining forcing air into the balloon at the base of your penis you can start to visualize exactly what is happening – you are forcing more blood into your penis.
  4. At the same time imagine pushing your anus out and up towards your tail bone.
  5. The effects aren't as visible as with the standard kegel, focusing upon the feelings you get within your body will give you feedback.
  6. Never strain or hold your breath.

A step by step guide to Penis Exercise 4 is here

Pulsing, Bouncing or Holding

Erotic Pulsing!

Alternate between Penis Exercise 1 & Penis Exercise 4 really quickly - do penis exercise 4 so that you are pulsing your penis so that it jumps around when contracting the muscles, then switch momentarily to penis exercise 4 - pushing blood into it to make it real big again. This can be quite erotic - seeing your penis respond in this way. However when a lot of force and concentration is used it can be hard to maintain an erection – but you'll be stimulating the muscles all the same - and get some great feelings.  Like anything the more we practice the better we are - and in this case the better the feelings that this exercise can produce!


Bounce your penis around with all the different contractions.


Now and again hold the contractions for as long as you can, to target the pelvic floor muscles in all sorts of ways. It does depend upon what you are trying to achieve but do not do all Penis Exercise 4. If anything more of Penis Exercise 1 may be better to make your erection harder.

In Different Situations

Next time you're bored and don't know what to do - instead of using your phone, use your muscles. You can do the penis exercises absolutely anywhere and no one will know!

Some Ideas

  • Whilst in a traffic jam.
  • When doing a boring repetitive task at work.
  • Whilst watching the television.
  • Even at social functions.

This can be a good way to build the exercises into your everyday life, so that they become a habit. The more often you do the erection exercises - the quicker the results will be.

In conjunction with other exercising

This can be a great way of adding intensity to your pelvic floor workout. On the work phase of your exercise - also work your pelvic floor with the penis exercises:

For example when doing a push up - on the push phase squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as hard as you can. On the lower down phase (eccentric), relax your pelvic floor muscles and try Penis Exercise 4.

Try whilst running, cycling or walking - it all targets these muscles differently and can be very effective. Though remember you will be placing your body under extra strain, which can be good - but always remember to never hold your breath which increases stroke risk.


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