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Getting fit whilst still smoking

by Jack

People keep telling me I'm mad to still be trying to keep up my fitness levels by running when I still smoke. I want to stop but at least feel I am doing something good by running. A few people who go to the gym at work said their trainer thinks I'm wasting my time. Am I?



Hi Jack,

You are definitely not wasting your time, do not listen to anyone that tells you not to run - unless they are medically qualified to comment upon your specific health. I am assuming that you are already reasonably fit when you say you: wish to keep your fitness levels. In which case you are not putting your body under massive amounts of stress as you would if you were new to running - in which case if you intend to really push yourself you should see a doctor first.
However even if you were new to running I would still advise you try it by asking your doctor about your suitability for exercise.
I do though presume that you are an experienced exerciser and use to the running, which is great.

Either way you are definitely not wasting your time - it is far better to do some exercise than none - you are keeping your blood vessels healthy. This may then put you in the right frame of mind to quit smoking one day, but when you are ready.

Everyone Picks On Smokers
Rightly so to some degree - but what about the drinkers? They're not doing themselves a whole load of good either, but no one would suggest to someone who likes a drink that they're wasting there time in fitness.

You really are not wasting your time - you are doing a lot of good for your body. As you know yourself - you could do a lot more good to your body if you were to stop smoking but if you are fit then you are to some degree offsetting some of the negative health aspects of smoking. If you do want any help in quitting then please do feel free to ask - but only when you're ready. In the meantime keep - up the running!

P.S Also choose where you run - running alongside a busy congested road will have bad effects upon your body too - some similar to smoking. Try a quiet less busy road or if possible a park or cross country. Then you will be even healthier.

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