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Harder Erection Exercise limitations in Naturist Fitness


Resistance exercises can, in conjunction with aerobic and agility training, help treat erectile dysfunction and this we can do in the Naturist Fitness Session*

*Erection Training during the naturist fitness experience will only be general exercise only - known to improve erection Problems and make erections stronger. It will not involve the specific Erection Exercises and techniques involving the penis, testicles and anus that are covered in Harper Capability program. 

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It is possible to make your erection harder with Exercise: specific exercises to target the genital area, processes that support penis function and aerobic exercise, have all long been known to improve penis function. Yet until recently it has not been generally accepted that so to - can general exercise and activity?

Improved Blood Flow

It does make sense – not part of our body works in isolation and therefore all parts will benefit, from other parts being strengthened.  A study demonstrated that resistance exercises can, in conjunction with aerobic and agility training, help treat erectile dysfunction. This was carried out in the form of cardiac rehabilitation.

Simple resistance exercises to do anywhere.

You don't have to have a gym membership or home equipment – just some imagination.

Harder Erection Exercise: Resistance Exercises

Target: Increase Muscle Strength

This is also referred to as weight training, due to the involvement of lifting weights to stress the muscle sufficiently for it to build. Resistance training is often carried out in gyms and anywhere with equipment – but it is possible to stress the muscle in different ways with a bit of creativity and imagination. Bodyweight can often be enough on its own, simply by moving into different positions. This combined with using whatever happens to be in the room, makes for a great workout that can be done absolutely anywhere.

Intensity – getting the muscle to build.

For the muscles to build – they need to be stressed.It does not really matter how many times we complete an exercise - what matters is that we continue until failure - we can no longer complete the movement or contraction.

  • 50 - 200 Squats?

If we can squat up and down 200 times and we become out of breath, then the cardiovascular system delivering oxygen to the muscles will improve, as will stamina. However the muscle is probably not being stimulated enough and it will be unlikely to increase in size or strength.

  • 30 - !00 Squats

If we can squat 100 times before we fail then there is every chance the muscle will build. If we fail on the 101 st squat and can do no more that is good - however it is taking more time than if we somehow made the exercise harder so that we failed on the 30th attempt.

12 Squats

If we make the squat harder by using only one leg instead of two and can only carry out 12 squats, before the leg muscles are exhausted and can no longer complete the movement, then the muscle will be stressed sufficiently to build.

2 Squats

If the squat is so difficult that only two can be completed, the muscle will adapt to meet this demand, but we risk injury – not only to the muscle but the supporting ligaments and tendons that also need to strengthen gradually.

If you feel the muscle is working and fatiguing that is good. Continue until the ache is unpleasant or failure - then you know you'll have stimulated the muscle to build.

Or we can do this in a personal training session - find your exercise.


The exercise needs to be that difficult that you fail to complete it. This means the muscle and supporting tissue has been sufficiently stressed and will adapt as a response to this stress, but it is not too great a stress that injury is risked. If you feel the muscle is working and fatiguing that is good. Continue until the ache is unpleasant or until failure - then you know you'll have stimulated the muscle to build.

A Harder Erection exercise - Using No Equipment

Strengthening muscles is (in principle) a straight forward process to do with weights – we can spend a few workouts establishing what weight causes the different muscles to fail on the 11th lift. Gauging the intensity is harder to do when using bodyweight or using any odd equipment that happens to be near you. But as a general guide – listening to your body will help. The more you exercise, and the more you get into the 'zone' by focussing upon what you are feeling inside, the more you can tweak certain exercise and movements to really stress the muscle to an optimum amount. This encourages creativity and relaxation as the mind is forced to focus upon your body, rather than any other external concerns and can bring superior results, but it does take a little practice. In the long run, it is worth trying the, no equipment simple form of exercise, due to the fact that you are free to carry out the exercise anywhere and at any time giving freedom to do it more often.

Harder Erection Exercises needing no equipment - suitable for the beginner with progressions for advancing. To Be Added Soon.

Harder Erection Exercises To Do (Even while Shopping)

Squats, push ups – absolutely anything, even carrying the shopping - it does not matter how you do stress the muscle. For example if carrying a shopping bag in either hand, as you're walking, along lift the bags out to the side and away from your body as far as you can. If they are really light you'll be able to lift them high, until your outstretched arms are parallel to the ground, however if they're heavy you may struggle to lift them this high, and you may only manage 8 or 9 lifts of diminishing height - before you can lift no more. This will cause your shoulders to ache and feel very fatigued, but does mean the muscles in your shoulders will be building and strengthening over the next few days. Repeating this process a few times, with a few minutes rest between a set of 8 or 10 lifts, will provide the perfect workout for your shoulders.

Looking Odd

If there are lots of people about, then just lift the bags out slightly, so as not to notice!

Whilst Queuing

Whist waiting in the queue to pay – try standing on one leg, gradually shifting the weight of your body over. This will stress the muscles of the supporting leg and ankle. To make it more difficult bend the leg very slightly (keeping your back straight, sticking your bottom out). This may make you look a little odd – but very slight controlled movements can be achieved with practice, that will not be noticed by others, but will be enough to stress the muscles.

Gardening & Housework

Other day to day activities such as gardening and housework can, with a little thought and imagination, double up as your workout. Every time you go up the stairs take two or three at a time (whilst keeping your back straight and sticking your bottom out), will build the gluteal muscles in your bottom and your leg muscles.

Carrying out the cleaning on one leg, rather than two, will stress all different muscles as you move and stretch to reach.

Gardening is no different – instead of carrying one plant, carry two or three and stress your muscles and body that bit more. Aim to dig that bit deeper, or that bit more, soil than you would normally – to get your body to strengthen and in the process gain a harder erection. Keeping in mind the thought that it is a harder erection exercise - as much as completing a task will provide lots of motivation.


Whilst doing day to day activities and stressing your muscles – it is important to keep the correct posture to avoid strain. Always keep a straight back (with the natural curve of your spine), aim to stick your bottom out slightly, head up, shoulders back and chest out if possible. This will ensure the correct muscles are strengthened – and also that strain and injury are avoided, whilst at the same time improving physique.

Improving Muscle Strength To Make Your Erection Harder

Improving muscles, improves muscle density throughout the whole body. Muscle density in relation to fat density changes the hormone ratios in your body. This affects and improves many different body processes.

The act of movement, strenuous exercise and adaption has such a positive effect upon the whole body – not just the one muscle that happens to be stimulated at the time. The body does not work in isolation, everything will be improved bit by bit, even the body processes that support a strong erection will be improved and strengthened. The  exercises should be thought of as harder erection exercises.

In Your Everyday Life

With so many muscles in the body, it can be difficult to know what to concentrate on, but there are a few exercises that will stimulate many muscles at one time. An example of this are one leg squats for the lower body, and pull ups for the upper body. These two exercises will target so many muscles throughout the whole body. The pull up (chin up) exercise does require something to pull yourself up on – but there may be a tree in your garden, or where you take the dog for a walk. If not two banisters on the stairs may allow you to do some dips, just look around your house, office or workplace and there will always be something you can use for exercising in some way. 

A few harder erection exercises that need no equipment. (To be added soon)


If you can't be bothered to do that exercise – just think of gaining a harder erection – what better motivation could there be?

Thinking of your workout as a harder erection exercise provides constant reinforcement of exactly the reason for doing it. This really can work and after just a few weeks, when combined with aerobic harder erection exercise, you may just start to notice some improvement. If not, give it a month or so, but don't give up as this has been proven as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, and so can definitely help make your erection harder.

improve penis function.