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Stronger Erection Exercises To Try

This exercise is a great all rounder - very hard but very effective and is a great one to get your whole body fitter so that it can give you a stronger erection.

Stronger Erection Exercises are proven to treat erectile dysfunction. Erection quality, strength and hardness improved. Want to try it in the Naturist Fitness - we can but only the whole body exercises - the specialist penis exercises from the Harper Capability I'm always clothed for, power you can choose your own dress code..

The best specific, stronger erection exercise has to be the Penis Exercise (pelvic floor). It is a recognised exercise therapy for helping erection problems. However these specific exercises can only do so much - an erection process requires input from our whole body. In order to improve our erection we need to improve the body systems that facilitate the erection process.

Exercise your Whole body and strengthen your erection.

All round general Exercise has been proven to help treat erectile dysfunction. If it can do this it can definitely make your erection stronger, especially when combined with the other recognised Penis Exercise therapy.

Three training types

  1. Aerobic
  2. Resistance
  3. Agility/flexibility

Aerobic Exercise for a stronger erection

Target: Cardiovascular system

The form of aerobic training that's best for you: is the one that you enjoy the most, and capable of making you out of breath. Generally it will be an activity that: uses the larger muscle groups, and one where the pace or intensity can easily be increased/decreased. The typical aerobic exercises are running, cycling and walking. However walking may not be enough to make you sufficiently out of breath.


If your body is able to keep the pace of activity up for a long period of time, then the improvements made will probably be related to stamina, rather than cardiovascular. In order to see the see cardiovascular improvements, the work rate needs to be approximately 80% of possible effort. As a general guide this will mean that your breathing is such that you will struggle to hold a conversation. This is what will stimulate your body to make improvements.

HIT Training

This stands for high intensity training which is the 80% that we are looking for. But HIT training is so successful because it provides this stimulus many times in a few hits. This involves cycles of work phases at 80% followed by recovery phases to allow the body to recover, and get ready for the next work phase. The work phase can be for 1 minute and the recovery phase for 2 minutes, or they can be equal – it may be something that you are best to experiment with.

Exercise Examples

1 minute - Warm up

2 minutes - Work phase (80% effort)

2 minutes - Recovery Phase (low level of exertion)

2 minutes – Work phase (80% effort)

2 minutes – Recovery

Repeat up to a total of 5 cycles.

If your chosen activity is running - it is possible to use a different method to timing:

warm up

run for two street lights (80% total effort)

jog for three street lights (slow pace – recovery)

run for two street lights (80%)

jog for three street lights (slow)

and so on.

A Stronger Erection Exercise Needs Some Stress

Anything that stresses the body a few times is good, but do not stress it too much. HIT training has had good and bad publicity. When done correctly it is an excellent form of training, giving really quick results. When done incorrectly it can stress the body too much. Listen to your body – it needs a little stress to force it to adapt, but does not have to be to the point of exhaustion. Think of training as giving your body a nudge to adapt.

Fit for Exercise?

If you have not recently exercised or have any health conditions then it may be best to check with your doctor before embarking upon this form of training. If you have no medical conditions but are not use to exercising, then at the very least just build up the work rate to 80% slowly over a period of time to ensure your body can cope.

Types of Aerobic Exercise

Starting Off With The Hardest!


If walking fast gets you out of breath, so that you cannot hold a conversation, then this is a great exercise. However if after a few minutes at the quickest pace you can still hold a conversation, then it will not be sufficient to boost your cardiovascular system effectively.


Easy to effectively up the pace when you need to. It can be carried out on a conventional bike or an exercise bike at home.


This can be carried out on a treadmill, outside or even on the spot in your home.

Whilst Watching TV

Stronger erection exercises can be carried out anywhere. Specific exercises such as star jumps and cycles are great for HIT training, requiring no equipment - all you need is a spare few minutes.

The video below shows a shortened work and recovery phase, to give you an idea of the type of stronger erection exercises that you can do. The 1st work phase demonstrates star jumps - can be carried out as a work phase for anything between 30 seconds and 4 minutes - followed with a gentle jog on the spot to recover before the next work phase. This process can be repeated up to 5 times.

Scissors provide a more intense work phase.

General Activity

Housework, gardening or any activity where the intensity can easily be raised to make you out of breath (using 80% total effort even for 20 seconds) can provide a great form of HIT training.


The more the stronger erection exercise is carried out - the quicker the results. If you can get into the habit of doing it every day that is ideal, but 4 to 5 times a week is something to aim for.

Motivation to Exercise

Aerobic training will also provide you with great all over body benefits, but perhaps it is the erection training improvements that will provide you with the motivation to train.