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Improve Your Sleep - gets you fitter than the gym?

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An extra hour in bed could perhaps be better for you than getting up early to go to the gym?


..a complex one to answer - as it involves such things as brain plasticity and hormones - and is very individual, so if you'd like some ideas of how you can train smart - (with the wider picture) please get in touch.

An Improvement in Your Sleep

When we are sleep deprived we are more likely to make unhealthy choices in our day, by choosing the wrong food, choosing to take the car rather than walking, or to make an excuse not to exercise. If this just happens now and again the effects are minimal, but if it becomes the norm it can have a profound effect upon our long term health. As well as effecting our mind and motivation, sleep also has a profound effect upon our physical health. Just one example is how sleep is needed to help regulate hormones which in turn help many of the body's processes including erection quality and so we go full circle!

Choosing a Training Type

There are three different training options for you

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About Support

I'm always there to support you whatever training type –  assisting you in making all those small changes that every day add up to make quite a difference.