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Keeping your penis hard for penetration

by Mike
(Stoke Staffs UK)

Hi I have a good strong erection but in my 60s if I attempt penetration male or female it stays reasonable hard but goes quite flexible making initial entry difficult especially if the person receiving is inexperienced or not been penetrated much

Hi Mike,
The fact that you can get a good erection until you attempt something that may present even a slight challenge may indicate more of a psychological issue. However the physical and psychological are not totally separate as when the physical side of things is all okay and really strong this can override any psychological isues and win the day. Therefore by exercising the muscles that support your erection you will make it stronger. Plus cardio-vascular exercise and healthy eating plus a good lifestyle (not too many bad things!) will improve your blood vessels and increase blood flow to your penis. When all these physical things are strong and in tip top condition they should be able to withstand a slight psychological issue - whatever that may be. Then hopefully when you know you can rely more upon your physical fitness & strength this should help you cope with any slight negativities.

Therefore a healthy lifestyle if you don't already combined with a bit of general exercise and specific exercises should help. All the specific exercises can be found by clicking on the Men's Health link above.

I hope this helps!

Please bear in mind that I am only a nurse/personal trainer that specialises in Men's Health. If you are at all concerned then you should still visit your GP.

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