Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Lifestyle Training Plan or Naturist Fitness Experience?

for health fitness and confidence.

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Lifestyle training plan with my support

OR The Naturist Fitness Experience - giving you a reset - a different way for Lifestyle to make you feel great

Your Personal Lifestyle Plan will maybe, become your new fitness bible - giving you a way to live your life that will give you the body improvements that you want. Your Lifestyle plan will be specific to you - taking into account: what you want to achieve, your current health and fitness level, your personality and your life. All this will give you the very best chance of seeing your body change shape - into a body that you'll appreciate and enjoy improving for life.  This is not meant to be a quick fix - where the results tend to disappear as quickly as they came, this is a sustainable, enjoyable, healthy and totally natural training that your body actually craves.

You get me whenever you need me! Whether in person or not, I'm just a call or text away to help support you with your training. The support I offer depends upon what you need and is crucial in getting the results you want.

I'll try my very best to ensure that your training is not only effective but enjoyable, so you need to let me know how it goes. This is something I like to do - so you can feel free to contact me, as we all have our times when we can find it hard to stick to a training plan – especially when we're continually bombarded with temptations to lead an unhealthy lifestyle from society. Going against the grain can be tricky, but I can really help you keep you right on track!

Here's what you get with the lifestyle training plan:

  • Exercise Technique
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Easy Training for quick 1 minute exercises
  • Hard training for a complete workout
  • Training record.

Then with personal support there's also me on hand, to monitor how you are finding your plan, to tweak anything as needed. I'm always here for a chat so you are never on your own, you have both myself and your training plan to guide you and offer support in your quest for health and fitness.

Sample Exercise Training Plan

Your individualised training plan can includes Hard Training sessions and Easy Training sessions according to the amount of time you have available. If you're really busy, and unsure about exercise your training plan will mainly consist of Easy Training that you can do anywhere.

Motivation and goal setting excerpts from the lifestyle training planMotivation Help
Exercise techniques excerpts from the lifestyle training planExercise Technique
Hard Training Session PlanHard Training
Easy Training Session PlanEasy Training
One good thing a day!

This provides a sustainable for of fitness that you have my total support with. You keep me updated on your progress and your frame of mind as often as you can, so that I can ensure your training plan works for you.

Other Sections in the Lifestyle Training Plan

The exercise section is one of the most popular to focus upon, however for some, other aspects may be more important such as dietary support, stress management and the mental aspects of health as well as the physical. These sections are less structured and tend to be very much more individualised. These sections are included as needed.

Before We Meet

Once you've made contact with me, I then start asking lots of questions about you, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve. Plus, I ask about you're likes and dislikes, as there is no point in having a lifestyle training plan that you don't enjoy. This all helps me formulate, what I think, is the ideal plan for you. However it is not until we meet that we know if it will suit you, and have the capability to help you to sustainable health & fitness. During our first session we work through your plan and tweak it, or radically alter it as need be! Then I offer you as much support as you need, until you decide when you'd like another session with me, where we can progress your training, change your training or simply just have a catch up session. This is a form of training that puts you in control of your own fitness - you tell me what you need from me.