Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Personal Trainer shows Male Body is Primed for Erections

Coach Harper can set your body up for more frequent natural and strong erections.

The Video shows how male body wants to..

have frequent erections - we just need to let it do what it does best

The naked male body that when working at it's optimum will give good erections. Normally outside what a personal trainer trains for, but this is no ordinary personal training - different coaching but effective!

The stresses and strains of life can get in the way and hinder some great erections....

...I'll show you how to get back to the real you - the naked male body that when working at it's optimum will give good erections.

The London Personal Trainer Can help you control your body's response

The psychological aspects are often thought to be outside of a personal trainers remit or ability. However I'm a former medical background with mental health experience. Plus, being a specialist naked personal trainer in London has prepared me well to help you improve your erection quality. The video below will explain!
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When Male Body is Working At It's Optimum

The Erection Quality Barometer

We know when our body is doing well, and when it is struggling, by how it performs and responds.  Your erection quality is a great indicator - almost a barometer of how you are either physically or how good you feel about yourself or possibly a sign that something is worrying you or causing stress.

The Psychological helping the physical body give an erection

Our penis is perhaps also a barometer of our mental health too. For an erection to happen your whole body needs to be working well, including emotions and thoughts, as these affect your physical body. If you're anxious about anything - it could be work related or it could even be a concern about your erection, the body responds in the same way that it would to a threat upon its life.  The last thing your body is thinking about is to give an erection to make love when it perceives your survival at risk. You may even be feeling a little anxious or under stress from something relatively minor, you almost get use to it, but your body responds with the fight or flight response, and the more this kicks in the less chance of a strong erection.  This may just be a one off episode but sometimes when you're under chronic or continued low level stress as a result of a busy life - you actually may not be aware of it and just simply get use to it. Your body never gets use to it - continuing to respond with the fight or flight response. This wreaks havoc upon your body - gradually changing the physical - by limiting blood flow and changing hormone profile. One of the first things to suffer as a result of these changes is erection quality. That's why our erections are quite a good barometer to our whole health - including mental health

London Personal Trainer gives unique training with the Virility Workout 

About the Video below

Set out to make a video about merits of being happy and relaxed. Even if we are not really happy and relaxed we can trick our body and before we know it we really are. Here I am as normal naked and concentrating on presenting health video. Pressure to get this right adds anxiety and so whilst doing the exercise, was not expecting the effect so quick - as anxiety is the enemy of erections.

I started to focus so much upon what I was actually saying myself and putting it into practice – just as I do with all my exercises that I demonstrate. However I was not expecting the effect to be so quick or pronounced especially as I was concentrating to make an educational health video. The thought that what I say may be heard by a lot of different people if anything makes me a little anxious. Anxiety as explained above is not good for erections – and so you'll have to take my word for it that I do start off with some low level anxiety sometimes even nervousness!

However a simple smile can very quickly alleviate all this. This is true in every aspect of life too – more anxiety = less frequent erections and less hard erections. Less anxiety can be promoted with a smile and = greater erection frequency and harder erections. Hence my surprise when I realised I was beginning to get an erection. Really surprised but also really pleased as it perfectly demonstrates the power of a simple smile. And that really is it – a semi erection purely as a result of a smile – nothing to do with sexual arousal – as I have explained - talking to camera in an effort to make an informative health video means zero sexual arousal. So hopefully a great demonstration as to the benefits of a smile and the resulting happiness and a demo of how Coach Harper can help you!

This video shows a very simple way that you can improve erection quality and gives you an idea that a training session with the London Personal Trainer is a bit different! Though I can do the conventional too!

A workout with Coach Harper really can give you so much. The emphasis really is upon fun and happiness – here's a demo as to the effectiveness.

YouTube banned the video, I'll put another up soon.

The Virility Workout

Workouts to match your particular erection problem or penis strengthening requirement to the right exercise, lifestyle intervention, brain plasticity encouragement or psychological support up to you as an individual - Make Your erection stronger.