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How To Get Some Motivation to Exercise

Get some sexual energy into your exercise - try it naked!

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Your Penis May Help You out?

for example this exercise is one that I hate to do - but it is actually quite a good one - to balance out my weak areas

When I do it naked - and have boosted my sexual energy - I have to be honest - my main focus switches away from muscles feeling weak - to what my penis is feeling. As the fatigue builds it stresses my pelvic floor - giving some nice feelings in my prostate - turning a hateful exercise into something quite different.

Having the motivation to exercise is so valuable and I'm intrigued by the different motivators.

Just 1 Thing!

Try just doing one thing in your day that will help you get what you want.

For example if you don't want to exercise - just try eating one less bad thing.

This can help us feel a bit more positive - knowing that we have done something good and can in turn lead to us doing another good thing or whatever other good thing you did for your body!

The Importance of Motivation

This lack of motivation seemed a good starting point for my blog as it is so important. If we exercise because we are really motivated - really into working out to get results - we put so much more effort in and get better results which can lead to greater motivation. However if we are just going through the motions - our effort may be reduced - and so to will the results, which can lead to the 'why bother' feeling.

So whilst getting the right exercise is important - so to is the intensity, which is reliant upon motivation!

If I do this exercise i absence of sexual energy - my penis will become small as my body struggles due to blood flow being diverted away from my penis. Yet when the focus switches - the sexual energy means there is a fight going on in my body - one to limit blood going to my penis to keep the working muscles strong - but a second force - my sexual self demanding blood vessels stay wide and allow the blood to keep my penis in a tumescent state.

So motivation can be a complex subject but I have to be honest the sexual aspect often cuts right on through!

Motivation to Exercise

We all get moments when we can't be bothered - but it's all about finding what is your reason - then we can focus upon getting it. There are some that enjoy exercise but many don't  - for example I just like the results. I just wish the results were more forthcoming.

However for example the only reason I go running is to help low mood and also boost my erection quality - keep my blood flowing nicely.Without these as motivators I really would not bother.

Why am I telling you this - just to help you think about what you really want to gain, Then that is where I come in - finding the most effective way - and enjoyable way for you to get that improvement.

Telling you (and showing you) a bit about me will hopefully give you some ideas which you can discuss with me in our session or beforehand.

Reasons for lacking exercise motivation

Even though I am really busy at the moment, I know this isn't the real reason as some days when I'm really busy - I still slot short bursts of exercise into my day. Even if we are busy and unable to devote a whole hour to working out we can all spare just 1 minute. If during this minute we just exercise one muscle to the point where it fails or until it screams at you to stop, then the muscle will build and grow stronger. This is a good feeling as we can feel virtuous – knowing that we have improved at least one of our muscles in as little as 1 minute.

In fact writing this has helped me – as I have just exercised my forehead muscles. It just took me a couple of minutes and I now feel a tight warm feeling on my forehead which is great as I am now thinking that at least in a very small way I have just reduced the deep furrows I have in my forehead.

That said I have been doing this exercise for over a year and have only gained a small improvement, but at least it is an improvement and not a decline that I would get if I did nothing.

This has inspired me to now do another exercise, and perfectly demonstrates how momentum can be the key. When the tide of momentum is there the motivation to exercise is greater and greater, but when the momentum is in reverse it can be harder to stay motivated.

The Tide of Momentum

once we have it flowing it can get stronger and stronger. Perhaps a shot of sexual energy may just get it flowing a bit more!

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