The Penis Exercise - Increasing the Intensity!

..and getting results. The Penis Exercise is so easy to do. It is getting the right intensity so as to get results which is the tricky part.

Feedback - feeling the muscles in your perineum contract


To get results and improve your erection the intensity needs to be increased more and more as does the duration - length of time you hold the contraction for.

It's all about the feedback!

Feedback from our body helps us increase the intensity more and more - and that will get the results! Here's how you can get the feedback and ultimately the Results!

Plus different type of contractions such as short sharp pulses or holding for as long and  as you can target the muscle in different ways and all are important to do, Feedback helps us do all the different contractions.


Lots of different ways to gain feedback below. You may notice all of these - or just one or two. The more you practice the more the muscles will become stronger and the more feedback you will get. Initial improvement also comes from the nerves learning and remembering how to control the muscles. This can be relatively quick to happen and soon really helps to give us more feedback.

...You may feel the movement internally. In which case it is good to really focus upon the movement and get into the 'zone'.

...Or you may see a movement at the base of your penis - or if you have erection your penis will move.

...You may see your scrotum move.

...Or you can with your finger tips feel a contraction in your perineum - these are the muscles that we are contracting (as labelled in the diagram).

...When we pull up and into our body - as we also squeeze our penis and anus, the movement can be felt by placing finger tips under your rib cage (as shown in the video below). Pushing your fingertips into your body you may feel a movement. You will be feeling the transverse abdominus contract.

The Principle of Penis Exercises

This is the same principle as for any part of the body – put it under enough strain and it will adapt to meet the demand. For example if we lift a weight that is very light, in fact so light that we can do so at least 100 times and not feel any fatigue, then the improvement made will be improved stamina and increased blood flow. Yet if we could only lift a heavier weight 10 or 20 times and eventually fail on the 11th or even the 30th attempt, one of the improvements would be to make the muscle stronger, The soft tissue that controls our penis is no exception and will equally adapt in response to the demands we place upon it through penis exercises that will increase blood flow and improve the strength of our muscles in this whole region.

The Penis Exercise

These exercises can be done anywhere and the chances are you're already doing them in a small way. All we need do is increase the intensity so as to encourage your body to respond and adapt.

Increasing blood flow:

This increase in blood flow, as a result of the penis exercise, does not just happen when aroused, but also when the penis is flaccid, giving it more definition and sometimes adding to the girth and length.


In order to for the muscle to build we need to be using around 80% of our strength, or until the muscles really fatigue. That will mean tightening and working the muscles almost as hard or for as long as you can. This may involve you needing to pull some funny faces in order to exert a reasonable amount of pressure.  To target all muscle fibres and to help increase blood flow, we need to be holding the contraction for a longer period of time - as long and as hard as possible, plus short sharp pulses - very quick and hard - on and off.  Together these methods will start improving muscle tone, strength and blood flow.

Getting Control

Initially it may take a little while getting use to engaging all the muscles. If so it doesn't matter too much how long you hold the contraction for – just get use to the control. The initial improvements made will be in muscle tone (as a result of the nerves adapting).

How long to hold contraction

Once you have this control, (could be straight away, but may be after a few weeks of practice) you can then hold the contraction for a few seconds – squeezing as hard as you can, then releasing and repeating 10 times. As you do, really focus upon the feelings you have in this area and almost visualise what muscles are working.  Once you have recovered from this – hold the contraction for as long as you can, aiming for 10 seconds and then gradually increasing for up to 30 seconds or 1 minute.

How Often

As often as you can will bring results quicker, but it is really important to not overdo it. The body will make the improvements it needs – but if we keep stimulating it with the exercises it will be too busy trying to recover and may not have the resources to strengthen.

Listen to your body

It is very difficult to give prescriptive guidance as we are all different – the best way to gauge the frequency is by listening to your body. If at rest you are aware of the region that you've been exercising, then you have probably done enough. If you feel any aches then you have definitely done enough. This will give your body the chance to adapt and improve ready for your next workout.

Getting into the habit

Penis exercises are something that we can easily do every day, and are an easy way to keep everything working well. In fact rather than keep everything just working well - when the advanced penis exercises are also added - your penis will be working better than ever. There also can be some unexpected benefits.

When I first started doing these exercises it took quite a bit of concentration and effort, but it did get a lot easier.

Just as with any exercise the opposite movement is good to ensure muscles are not over-trained. This opposite movement involves stretching the increasingly tightened pelvic floor muscles and can also bring other great benefits for the penis.

Find out Other Ways to Increase the Intensity

If you choose to do erection training as part of any of the following personal training sessions then I can show you lots of other ways to get results by increasing the intensity of your contractions to the muscles around your penis.

 Naked Training 

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Erection Help, Support & Strengthening in any Personal Training Session.

Some things can be difficult to learn from an online guide - you just need to be shown some different techniques, to gain more control.

Plus what works for one may not for another. A specialist personal training session with me can help you find out what will work for you, and show you how to easily master some effective techniques to strengthen your erection.

If you live in the UK just one session can show you how to make your erection harder - so no matter where you live you can get the benefits of this specialist personal training! 

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