Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Personal Training For Men and their very personal health

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Personal Training for Men ranging from Alternative Exercise, specifically targeting area you want to improve, few minutes of focused, specific exercise superior to many gym sessions

Personal Training For Men

Specialising in Personal Training for Men, enables me to specialise in many aspects that can affect men of all ages. Women are all to prepared to get help, but men are not always so forthcoming to talk about their problems. This Personal training for men aims to address this issue and provide a place where Men of all ages can get help with what is really affecting them.

Motivating you to do a few minutes of exercise every single day..

Personal Training for Men specifically targets the areas that you want to improve. A few minutes of targeted, focused and specific exercise of the right intensity will bring better results than an hour of the wrong type of Exercise.

If the focus is upon your virility - you're whole body will become fitter.

Lifestyle Training is all about empowering you to change your lifestyle – slotting exercise and healthy living into your everyday life. This means that you can do it every single day. Your health and fitness therefore is not reliant upon just an hours exercise with a trainer – but instead is gained every day as you slot a few minutes of exercise and healthy living into your life.

Exercise is just 1/5 of the training

Training for men utilises everything your body has, so that it can adapt and improve. If stress is not managed and adequate sleep is not gained then the body will not have optimum conditions to make the changes you have initiated with exercise. Exercise stimulates the body to adapt and build, but then, everything else in your body needs to be right - in order for the process of building to take place. EK training ensures that your body is in the best condition to ensure body improvements will be forthcoming.

Lifestyle plus Exercise and very specific exercise for Virility

Men's personal health

Just One Visit Can Change Your Life

 It can be the case where more can be achieved more by 'adapting' your lifestyle to a healthier one. The workout  enhances this.  On it's own - unless your 20 years old the Workout with have limited effect. However when combined with a healthy lifestyle the effects can be life changing.

On the first visit we really need to make sure you're happy with fitting exercise into your everyday life. I show you exercises that you can do at any time and anywhere. You do not have to devote a whole hour to exercising (unless you want to). Short one minute exercises are possible for even the busiest person to fit into their day. The more of these you do the quicker the results. Combining this exercise with less bad things and more good things in your life will work wonders, and is something that you can maintain, with support from me either remotely or face to face. so that I can offer you on going support with your lifestyle by phone, email or text.  We can then meet up every now and again as you wish.

Or you may want something less conventional?

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The Naturist Fitness Experience?

100% natural fitness training for body & mind.

Lifestyle Training - Personal Training For Men

What happens

The training I give is totally individual to suit you and what you want to achieve. This ensures you stand every chance of enjoying it so that you want to do it more and more with or without me.

Part 1 - Workout

This involves trying a few different forms and types of exercise to ensure that we pick the ones that will work best for you. Most importantly we will gauge the correct intensity - if we get this right your body will receive a strong signal to adapt and change so that you can soon start to look forward to seeing, feeling and enjoying improvements in your body.

Once we've established what exercises work well, and gauged the right intensity, we'll practice carrying out the exercises in the correct way. If posture or the movement is not right - the wrong muscles/areas/body systems may be targeted and results may not be as good as they can be. Get this right and your body will be stimulated to adapt and improve over the coming week.  These exercises are purely to stimulate your body to adapt and build. The emphasis will be on feeling your body being stimulated rather than just completing the exercise. If the exercise is completed you may or may not see a result. However if your body is correctly stimulated you will definitely see a result. This stimulus needs to be something that you can do easily on a regular basis and will therefore we will devise the best way that you can fit this into your everyday life, and make it a habit.

Duration: As required

Part 2 - Dietary Needs

I'll find out all about your current diet and see what changes we can make that will give your body an extra boost to improve. If we get this right - you will enjoy making the change - due to the benefits that you will soon start to experience.This will really maximise the results that you get from the exercise and physical stimulus.

Duration: As required

Part 3 - Reduce The Bad Things!

May or may not be required! If you do have some bad habits and want to change anything then I'll tell you how your body will benefit. Then we can explore some ways that you may be able to improve your lifestyle. I wont lecture you - if you want to know then I'll tell you how it is, but if you don't want to know them that's absolutely fine.

Duration: As required

Part 4 - Stress and Sleep

Similar to above - this may or may not be required but I can give you a brief idea of how reducing stress and increasing sleep can help you, along with some easy ways to integrate help methods into your everyday life. For Example - Mindfulness even in short bursts of 1 minute can really help us manage stress, and can be carried out at any time during your day.

Duration: As required

Part 5 - The Mind

It's all in the mind - the motivation, the determination and the execution. Get them all right and you can look forward to and enjoy seeing your body improve. More info.  Our mind can help maximise the results we get from any workout - not only by controlling our body and stimulating the correct muscles - but by really thinking about and sensing what is happening inside our body. This enhances the signal it receives to adapt. You'll be in touch and connected to your body like never before.

Duration: As required

Personal Training: Bedfordshire, London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire