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Quitting smoking and kegels for a harder erection.

by Jay

Hi, Will the kegel exercise help with the hardness of my erection? I don't have a problem in gaining an erection, I am 41 and the last few months I'm really feeling that it is not as hard as it was. Also it is not that deep red colour any more. I know this is probably down to circulation issues so I am going to stop smoking but I would like to know what else would help me. Do you think it take a long time for things to get back to normal once I've stopped smoking? If I do the kegel exercise will this speed things up, or am I better to start running or something else? I would really appreciate any help you can give me because I need to stop this getting any worse. Do you think I can get back to normal.


Hi Jay

Well done for quitting, this probably the single most important thing you can do to help get things back to normal and prevent any further decline. The kegels will definitely help and will really speed improvements up. Not only will kegels help the nerves controlling the muscle to improve, the muscle will grow stronger and blood flow to the area will be increased. This will be enough to help, however if, and only if you want to do more:

Improve Your Circulation Further
General exercise is great for your circulation. You may be active enough already – but if not introduce walking into your day as much as possible, the quicker the pace and the longer the stride the better. If you are already a keen walker then you can try running or cycling or anything else that will make you out of breath for a while. This combined with cutting back on sugar and processed food. eating a Mediterranean diet will also help.

A real quick boost can be achieved from beetroot and garlic. Add them into your diet or even better for maximum effect try raw.. Garlic has been shown to increase blood flow, beetroot contains nitrates that can make the blood vessels wider. The wider they are, the better the blood flow.

Always Remember
Something is better than nothing. Stopping smoking is probably the single best action you could take to improve your erection. Then the kegels and the diet only if you really want to help in the long term, but if it is going to stress you and jeopardise the smoking cessation then it really is not worth it.

Sometimes the adaptions that may be happening within our body but do not become evident for a while. But it will happen, be patient and enjoy the quest to get your erection back to what it was. Every time you want a cigarette – think of your erection improving.

Let me know how you get on

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