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Reduce Body Fat - increase virility?

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Reduce body fat conventionally with food management and exercise or with the Naturist Fitness Experience

Reduce Body Fat (The Easier Way)

Once we are fully aware just how much we have to exercise, to burn off the calories of just even a biscuit, it is far easier to not eat that biscuit. There are so many ways, that, not eating the biscuit, can be made easier some psychological some physical. What will best work for you may take a little time to establish. However there are so many proven ways that will definitely help initially, and as you go through the whole process of becoming fitter, it may well become more obvious what will really help you the most.

The Ek training aspects all come together to give you a really powerful way to reduce body fat, in a sustainable way. Exercise, diet, but also stress and sleep - can make such a big difference when combined with cutting out the bad.


We have to ensure that the methods you use are sustainable - otherwise the fat will creep back on. Lifestyle change is sustainable - as it is all about gradually changing your lifestyle, in ways that you will enjoy doing forever. I know this first hand: once we associate the change with long term positive gains, rather than negative short term losses, we don't want to go back to the bad old ways.

Reducing Body fat With Sustainable Change

EK training, is sustainable - taking a range of small improvements, that you will want to make every day, that gradually add up to make a big difference.

Rather than just focusing upon weight loss, achievable targets to decrease sugar and increase activity levels is always a good starting point for the health benefits this will give. Then with regular support and encouragement a new lifestyle can be adopted that will bring lifelong results. The lifestyle has to be continued for life otherwise the weight can just creep up again. But I can show you how to incorporate exercise painlessly and easily into your everyday life so that it can be sustained and you never know even enjoyed. Exercise will help but not as much as lifestyle change. I can help you with this, you may find it easier than you think:

Training your mind is an important aspect and one that Lifestyle Training aims to do - which makes the whole process of reducing fat so much easier and sustainable.  For example - by training the mind to crave improved health instead of craving the sweet snack. This is possible by bringing about an initial health or body improvement that EK training specialises in - your penis and erection control maybe? Once you have achieved this you'll get long term satisfaction that will satisfy this part of your mind. The cravings will gradually switch, from the short term sugar desire (or whatever else it may be) to the long term feelings of achievement in your body or health improvement.  The key to this happening is to find the health improvement that is also attainable fairly quickly.

How Changing Your Way of Life can be easier than you think.

Lifestyle training is sustainable training - something that is advocated by many specialist doctors such as Dr Kevin Hall (senior investigator in the physiology department at the National Institutes of Health in Washington), in a recent Channel 4 programme stated the the focus needs to be on something sustainable long-term.