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Stop Smoking Motivation - Do it for your erection.

Stop Smoking Motivation. Do it for your erection.

Stop smoking for your erection

Every time you get a craving for a cigarette - don't feel deprived but imagine your erection becoming gradually stronger as your body heals and repairs itself from the damage that smoking has caused.

Making Your Erection Stronger

The good news is you can stop the bad effects of smoking and even reverse them with Erection Kaizen personal training . Your body will heal and with the added effect of exercise and a healthier diet you will be able to improve your erection.

Quit Smoking for the sake of your erection

Smoking is such a big factor in penis health - more so than the rest of the body. The arteries that supply the penis with blood are narrower than elsewhere, and so when they become clogged, the penis is the first to suffer and display a problem. The penis and the erections that it manages, is an early warning sign of future heart problems. However it is not just smoking that can cause damage - it is just one of many proven factors. If you smoke and your erections were not what they once then your penis may be telling you something. I can help you get back what you once had, if you want it bad enough.

Your Penis and Blood Flow

Your penis is supplied with blood via arteries.

The arteries that supply the penis are narrow. But when in good condition perfect for supplying enough blood to your penis.

Blood drains from the penis by the veins.

Getting an Erection

An erection requires extra blood to be trapped in the penis -your arteries relax to allow lots of blood in.

The veins become compressed to limit the blood exiting.

Your penis becomes longer and harder due to all this extra blood trapped in your penis.

The better the blood flow the harder the erection.

Smoking Reduces Blood Flow

The chemicals in cigarette smoke damage the arteries - fatty deposits stick more easily.

These fatty deposits build up and the arteries become narrower.

Narrower arteries mean less blood reaching your penis.

Less blood reaching your penis means less of an erection.

Improvements after quitting

It is very individual how soon you will start to notice an improvement - but when combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise - plus in conjunction with Kegels results can be seen in a few weeks. Erections will continue to improve for years to come - as opposed to declining for years to come.

Quick Short Term Improvement

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals state that nicotine effects the blood vessels to the penis - causing blood flow to be reduced.

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Quitting nicotine may give your erection an instant improvement.

Stop Smoking Motivation works by focusing upon what is really important in your life.

Not wanting to put your erection at risk can be the prime motivator for giving up. Keeping your penis in good health will surely provide you with much more happiness than being slave to a smoking habit.

Never think of what your having to forgo, focus upon what you'll be gaining - strong erections, that can with training, get stronger and stronger - especially with some nice naked exercise where your penis is at the fore!

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals state:

Recently there is overwhelming evidence that erectile dysfunction is a warning sign of possible heart disease. 64% of men who have had a heart attack have also had a warning up to three years previously, in the form of erectile dysfunction.”

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