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Personal Training Helps Stress & Anxiety be InControl

bodyimage.jpgAlternative and conventional ways to give you the tools you need to deal more effectively with stress.

Personal Training helps stress turn into a more of a manageable challenge and less of a worry - by training your body and your mind the tools to help you when you need it most.

2 alternative ways to relieve stress...

  • Book yourself in for a naturist personal training session with me
  • And smile'll spend the whole session stress free - effects of which will then last way into the rest of your day!

Is it Stress or is It a Challenge?

Stress is our response to the situation. When we feel feel out of control and cannot manage a situation we get stressed. When we feel in control and can manage a situation we view it as more of a challenge: as positive stress to help us overcome the problem.

How Personal Training Helps Stress 

Personal Training will help you manage your stress and turn it into a challenge. It will not take away the situations in your life that are causing you stress – but it will help you cope with them better, looking upon them as something that you can cope with, rather than be fearful of - why - due to the extra confidence the session will give - the surge of testosterone as well as the nice time you'll have had. It is a time to escape into the lovely world of just yourself and I exercising in a naturalistic way!

One Really Easy Way To Cope With Stress

Just smile!

Or Start Face Exercises

Smiling can affect your emotions – even a forced smile, simply by exercising the muscles to improve your smile, will help you feel happy and are proven to help reduce stress.

Turning A Stressful Situation into a Challenge

There are steps you can take to help turn situations away from being stressful, and into a challenge instead. This involves training your body, your mind or both. Training that will be individual and personal to you.

How Your Body Can Help You Manage Stress

  • Diet - the foods you eat control your hormone levels that have influence upon how you handle certain situations.
  • Exercise can help you feel more positive and in control - to help you cope with stress more easily and also counter the effects of stress upon your body (such as chronic inflammation which is implicated in some chronic health conditions).
  • Certain exercise movements are associated with increased testosterone levels and can also boost your confidence.
  • Improving your sleep quality - When you're tired you may feel unable to cope with certain situations as well, and can easily feel overloaded with everyday tasks that can lead to feelings of stress.A personal training session will be stimulating for both your body and mind, but then generally is this followed by a deep relaxation which can help sleep. If not just inform me - as I have other tips we can add in depending upon your personality.

How Your Mind Can Help

Training your mind to recognise physical symptoms of stress in your body (such as raised heart rate) - as support form your body to help with a challenging task ahead - rather than allowing this response to add to any panic, can help you in certain situations.

Learning to take comfort from this, as your body's way of supporting you is possible, and gets easier to do with practice. If you have to run away from an attacker you'll be glad of this response , however if you do not have to run from an attacker – mindfulness can help – telling your body it is all okay and everything is in control.

All we need to do is know when this is not needed - to employ a range of different techniques that my coaching can show you to help reduce this response. Recognise it, deal with it and stop it accumulating and going on to affect your health. We can find a way that works for you. A fun way possibly too!

Individual Training To Help Turn Your Stress Into A Challenge

What will help you the most, will be dependent upon your life and your personality. My coaching covers all aspects of your lifestyle which can definitely help you turn your situations into less of a stress and more of a challenge.Plus added to this some enjoyable ways to reduce your base line stress or anxiety level so that when any stresses in your day appear - you'll still be relatively calm. A great mind/body connection - is a big part of my coaching - something that will help you control your body's response.

How a Forced Smile Can Help Manage Stress The Study