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A straightforward workout consisting of exercises selected to ensure you train your body in the best way possible for you.

No diet or lifestyle advice just exercise specifically devised for what you want to achieve.

Exercise is like medicine.

Exercise stimulates the body to adapt.

Type of Exercise - Type of Medicine

Exercise can be viewed as medicine, that stimulates the body to improve. Get the right exercise and the body will be stimulated.

Exercise Intensity - Dose

Just like medicine the dose is crucial. The dose can be likened to the intensity or how hard the body is working.

But just like medicine if the dose is too weak there will be no response from the body. But if the dose of medicine is too high damage can be caused just as injury can result from exercise.

Get the dose right and you'll get the full benefits of the medicine. If the intensity of an exercise is wrong then the body will not adapt.


Exercise is less restrictive than medicine, and can be easily fitted into your busy life.

What happens in the Workout

I'll find out more about exactly what you want to achieve.

Baseline Fitness

They'll be a few exercises for you to try. These are designed to assess your current fitness level - starting off easy and gradually becoming harder.

Devising the Workout

Once we have found out where you get to well try a few different types of exercise. These exercises will all be a different type to to find out what works for you and most importantly what you enjoy. 


If we get the right exercise and the correct intensity you'll be able to look forward good results. This is the reason why I will be asking for feedback - where you are feeling the muscles working and what you are feeling. But also be honest and tell me if you don't like a particular exercise. As with so many too choose there's sure to be one. If you like it you'll do it more often so that is always the priority. You may not like it enough to really want to do but it may be the best of a bad bunch! gives results you'll do it solely for that reason.

What you can achieve from a workout

  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Muscle Building
  • Body Shaping
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Stamina
  • Weight Loss
  • Health  (GP Referral Qualified)
  • Reduce Stress
  • Better Sleep
  • Sense of Achievement
  • A Natural High (endorphins)
  • A Testosterone Boost

...the list could go on and on!

 Naked Training 

90 Mins Personal Training

Gives total focus on your body and your health ...

... and being a naked experience - proven to give happiness too!


Erection Training

2 Hours Erection Training

Naked or fully clothed...

erections not needed! But if they happen - no problem!


Roman Fitness

2 Hours Fitness Training

Roman style fitness using no equipment just body's - all over body workout plus optional Roman Bathing Experience