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The Erection Diet Will Help You Get Harder

The Erection Diet will Improve Your Erection. Every time you have to make a food choice - picture how you want your erection to be/stay, then there's every chance you may make a better choice.

If the artery gets lined with fatty deposits there is less blood flow. The erection diet will gradually improve blood vessels allowing blood to flow.

Introduce a Few Good Foods!

The Erection Diet is all about eating foods that help blood flow and improve the condition of your blood vessels in the short and long term.

Certain foods really help, here is all about using nutrition for making your penis function to it's full potential.

Why is Blood Flow so Important

Maximise the Inflow while restricting outflow and you have a good strong erection

We need to do everything to maximise this inflow of blood...

...What carries this blood – the blood vessels

We need to keep these blood vessels as wide as possible – the bigger the internal diameter the more blood will flow.

Two reasons the internal diameter can be reduced -

  • the body's natural mechanism vasoconstriction (for example when we are . continued in Harper Capability .....
  • due to being . continued in Harper Capability .....

Nitric oxide is made in the body and acts on the arteries to dilate them - keeping them wide open (The wider they are - the more the blood will flow). But as we get older this process is not as efficient and so the arteries may be smaller than they once were - which can contribute to poor blood flow and raised blood pressure.

So Nitric Oxide is important. Think of Viagra this dilates the blood vessels to allow more blood to flow into the penis.

What To Eat More Of

Increase Blood Flow by Boosting Nitric Oxide

Food that can boost Nitric Oxide production just like Viagra.

Boosting Nitric oxide in our body to ensure the blood vessels are as wide as possible.  Certain foods can help your body to make more Nitric Oxide, that widens the blood vessels. Your wider blood vessels allow more blood to be pumped into your penis - giving you a greater erection.


Leafy Green Veg

Salad Leaves (especially Rocket)

Rhubarb                                               The Science

Also Increase Blood Flow

Olives/Olive Oil has been found to help blood flow and can be as effective as statins.

Garlic - has been shown to increase resting tissue blood flow. Details

Omega 3 - Foods such as oily fish containing Omega 3 reduce a vasoconstriction process that makes the arteries smaller. This vasoconstriction means less blood is able to travel through the artery and therefore less blood to the penis. Therefore the addition of omega 3 may help blood flow.

Increase Blood Flow in the Longer Term

Tumeric - A great anti - inflammatory with many proven long term health benefits.

What to Avoid

Less processed food - as you don't know what's in it - lots of sugar possibly!

Less sugar - Refined sugar is thought to be more responsible for clogging arteries than saturated fat. Sugar contained in fruit does not have the same effect.

This is how Harper Capability aims to inspire you to have a healthy lifestyle - for your erection!

A Simple Guide

The Mediterranean Diet is good. It contains the right fats and lots of vegetables.

No Better Motivation

A diet that promises a stronger erection?

The erection diet is certainly not dangerous and even if in the unlikely event it did not help your erection - the rest of your body will benefit which in the longer term will benefit your erection. 

Some of these methods can be really easy to integrate into your life. If you don't like fish then you could try an Omega 3 supplement.  if you don't have time to prepare beetroot then you could try a beetroot juice that is becoming a lot more popular and readily available!

Gradually try introducing the erection diet: eating lots of fruit, vegetables, nut, seeds and other wholefoods, plus beetroot and oily fish. Remind yourself why you are doing it - imagine a harder throbbing erection every time you have a food choice!

Individualised Lifestyle Help

This was just a quick insight into how eating the right foods can help your erection. I can go into this as much as you'd like during a personal training session. Below are details of Exercise that can help improve your erection. Exercise will help but when combined with a healthier lifestyle you really should see a difference. In a Personal Training Session I can show you some simple lifestyle changes and techniques which also form a small part of The Harper Capability.

Erection Help, Support & Strengthening in any Personal Training Session.

Some things can be difficult to learn from an online guide - you just need to be shown some different techniques, on an individual basis, to gain more control.

Plus what works for one may not for another. A specialist personal coaching session with me can help you find out what will work for you, and show you how to easily master some effective techniques to strengthen your erection.

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