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Exercise Motivator More Than New Years Resolution or Fitness Fad

We can have a few Exercise Motivators, something that really inspires us to get off our butt and workout even if for just 1 minute. For me the most powerful motivation is improving erection quality, imagining a stronger erection pushes me to work out.

I Never Want to Do This Exercise

What's Your Exercise Motivator?

The Most Important Thing To Establish

This is one of the most important aspects of any exercise regime – what motivates us to do it, s unless you are one of the lucky few that enjoys exercise you need a reason - and that reason has to be a powerful one that you can conjure up in times when you really need some inspiration. Otherwise our exercise routine may be short lived.

If I tell you about my own personal chosen exercise motivator that may just help you...

My Best Exercise Motivator is to improve my erection quality.

This I have found to be a real powerful motivator – the main one to really get me working out hard.

This is not the only motivator I have there are others which I use at different times:

You may just want one or like me have a few to choose from.

My Other Exercise Motivators

Improving Body Definition

A few years ago when I gave up my nursing career to be a full time personal trainer I focussed upon getting my body in better shape. As a personal trainer my body is not that great, as most of the fitness and health stuff I do is for health rather than vanity, (although not all!). Doing naked personal training - exposing my not so perfect personal trainer body can be scary, and so some of my training is admittedly to at least let my clients see that I can get myself a reasonable body - as we have to lead by example. Plus it is good for clients to see the muscles I am talking about at any given time.

Diagnosis of Pre diabetes

Exercise particularly this one is good for reducing insulin insensitivity. This worked for a while to get me out of the pre diabetes danger zone, but now I am out of it – I just do enough to stay where I am and so this is not as strong a motivator as it once was.

I am being totally honest here, but if you are thinking of coming for a personal training session have no fear, I am professional at all times. I very rarely now get depressed, and in the unlikely event I do, you are always assured of the very best attention. In fact my work can help me! At least you know that I also have my problems - I am not just preaching, I know first hand about some conditions and therefore really know just how powerful exercise can be. We first really need to establish why we are doing it and this is how I am trying to help you.


I can suffer from low mood – I have done most of my adult life at various times, but have never wanted to try anti depressants. When I found out that, the right type of exercise can be as effective at treating mild to moderate depression, this was all I needed to exercise. However I have to be very careful with this one, as for me it needs to be a preventer. If I don't do it soon enough and slip into low mood I cannot always make myself exercise, even though I know it will help it just doesn't always work, so this really needs to be timed right.

The Main Exercise Motivator

Boosting Erection Quality

This is not because I am obsessed with sex – I do love it and it is a big part of my life, however this is my main inspiration due to a stronger erection being great for feeling more youthful, masculine and relevant. About 10 years ago when I noticed my erection was becoming weaker I started to feel older, less masculine and less sexual - finding it was a downward spiral - even knocking my self esteem.

From my nursing practice on cardiac care, where heart problems and erection problems go hand in hand, I knew there was a lot I could do to help myself. So that's what I started to do - and still do to this day, although I have really refined my techniques now and found what works for me.

Many of the exercise types that best help depression also help erection quality and so the two work brilliantly together. For me this is the motivator that really makes me exercise hard even when I really don't want to. It is such a powerful motivator as I just love seeing and feeling the results. It helps me feel better about myself and actually in control of my health and how I function.

This may not be the best exercise motivator for you, but I can guarantee we will find something that can make you push yourself.

Here are a few other Exercise Motivators...

Improve your mood – feel as good as you can

1. Proven to be as effective as anti-depressants for mild to moderate depression

2. Give inspiration

3. A realistic challenge to accomplish and to feel sense of achievement

4. Improved mood specifically geared to improving erection quality, frequency and sexuality

Improve your Health (Taking Responsibility for Your Own Health)

5. A particular aspect such as cholesterol, diabetes risk, heart disease and stroke risk.

6. Virtually every aspect of health can be improved through diet and exercise – literally a whole range of acute and chronic conditions.

7. Improved hormone profile to boost testosterone reduce cortisol and insulin to feel great and do your body the power of good

Keep good health (Your Own Insurance Policy)

8. Enjoy your body working well

9. Prevent health problems in future and stay out of hospital

10. Know that you have done everything to help yourself enjoy health and fitness way into your future

11. flexibility and posture improvement to know that you'll prevent aches and pains in older age.

Improve blood flow (literally the lifeblood)

12. Overall great health - every aspect of our health relies upon good circulation of blood for oxygen and nutrients, from our joints to our brain.

13. Hair – some hair loss treatments work by boosting circulation, such as Regaine

14. Complexion – look healthy and youthful

15. Strong Erections require strong blood flow.

Improve Hormone Profile (feel Virtuous)

16. Feel more sexual - proven

17. Deal with stress and anxiety more effectively – proven methods

18. Accomplish fitness goals more easily

19. Lower disease risk for peace of mind.

Sexuality & Manliness (How we feel – but also translates to the signals we give out and body language)

20. Frequency of Erections

21. Strength of Erections

22. Strength of Urine Stream

23. Increased Masculinity/Power

24. Look even more sexual – a few tweaks to posture and body shape

25. Feel more of a sexual being

26. More Enjoyment of Sex – increased response.

Fitness (increase the capability of your body)

27. Achieve a certain challenge

28. Build strength

29. Improve balance

30. Reach a fitness goal – such as lower resting heart rate, to not get out of breath so easily

Confidence & Self Esteem (to Feel as good as you can and achieve as much as you can)

31. Increase Confidence - an exercise motivator such as this - knowing it can help many aspects of your work and personal life.

32. Increase Body confidence

33.Increase self esteem

34. Feel able to cope

Stress & Anxiety (for a dramatic effect upon our quality of life and long term health)

35. Reduce anxious feelings

36. Deal with stressful situations more easily

37. Mange chronic stress

Quality of Life (Making the most of everything)

38. Feel Happier

39. Improved Sleep

40. Enjoy getting Fit

Vanity – very important - can affect all the above.

41. Improved body Shape – to look great.

42. Improved posture

43. Youthfulness- this can be a powerful exercise motivator - helping us to still be relevant.

44. Clothes – get your favourite item of clothing to look great on you.

45. Look even better naked

46. Bigger Muscles

HIT Training

This is the one exercise that I would never choose to do, but with my exercise motivator I do it a few times a week.

There are other ways to get this effect for all fitness levels.