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How to Improve blood flow to your penis for a harder, stronger erection.

The right kind of exercise is proven to improve blood flow to your penis, but here is an alternative way! (maybe?)

An example of a simple penis pump,

Improve blood flow to your penis and you will get a harder, stronger erection.

The improvement idea can be compared to peripheral artery disease - affecting legs, where reduced blood flow can lead to pain in working muscles are cause slow healing of wounds.

A device that changes pressure multiple times has been shown to improve blood flow to the legs.

The arteries to you penis should respond to changing pressure also. And what can alter the pressure to the arteries around your penis – a penis pump!

Perhaps this could be the answer to a improving your erection.

The background to an Erection

An erection occurs due to your arteries dilating (get bigger). They will dilate as a result of being very relaxed, hot or aroused. Just like a hosepipe - the bigger the bore, the more water that can travel through. Think of a fireman's hose which has a big bore compared to garden hose. Pressure is built up within your penis as a result of blood pouring in and not getting out as quick. (Also helped through muscle strength). The increasing pressure results in an erection as your penis become engorged with blood.

You need to get Max blood to your penis!

Dilating (bigger) arteries is what we need, plus clean arteries. If the artery is clogged as a result of bad lifestyle, chronic stress and smoking there will be reduced blood flow.

Blood vessels dilating for many reasons

Arteries in your body dilate when you are hot, to enable more blood to travel to the skin for cooling. This is why your penis will be bigger when you are warm. The opposite happens when cold – arteries constrict to stop heat being lost through the surface. And so with less blood - your penis gets smaller.

Nitrates will help them get bigger.

Nitrates that are found in some vegetables and leaves such as beetroot and rocket contain nitrates that are converted to nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels - similar to how Viagra works!


Arousal and excitement will also cause this dilation which results in an erection.


If you are relaxed and happy you're are more likely to get an erection! (the parasympathetic nervous system). If you are anxious then an erection will be less likely (due to the sympathetic nervous system and blood will be sent from the periphery to help the internal workings of the body ready for fight or flight. Reproduction is low priority,)

Artery Condition is of Maximum Importance!

If the artery is partially clogged (due to atherosclerosis – fatty deposits left on artery walls) then the amount of blood will be restricted - the bore gets reduced. Even if the artery dilates, there may be little room left for blood to travel through due to all the fatty deposits around the inside of the artery, and it will be similar to being cold and anxious.

Conditioning the arteries is the key to improve blood flow. Arteries in the leg have been shown to be able to improve - resulting in improved blood flow to legs.

The arteries supplying our penis are some of the narrowest in our body and therefore one of the first to possibly display symptoms of atherosclerosis (clogging) by loss of erection quality. Erectile dysfunction can in some cases be an early warning sign of heart disease.(not if it is for psychological or other medical reasons)

The clogging of arteries does not just happen to the penis and the heart - but all over the body. It is called Peripheral Arterial Disease (Pad)  and can affect the legs, especially noticeable when walking/running due to the muscles needing extra blood, but if the arteries are clogged - extra blood cannot get through, and a painful ache can develop.


A recent study has demonstrated that blood flow to the legs can be increased by as much as 44%. If the same improvement could be achieved in other partially clogged arteries, that could be a significantly harder erection!

How it Works

The device alternated between positive and negative pressure every few seconds Whilst a penis pump will not change as quick and does just gives the negative pressure – it is a pressure differential. It is the pressure differential that was shown to improve blood flow, and whilst the differential is not as great it, may just mean that the improvement may not be as great - but perhaps there could still be an improvement!

How A Penis Pump May Help?

The penis pump is designed to make the penis bigger and the NHS recommends it as a way to help achieve an erection. The usage instructions state to use at pressure for 16 minutes – but this is in the context of penis enlargement.  The device that was shown to increase blood flow to the legs changed in pressure every few seconds. Whilst it may be tricky to change pressure as quick in a penis pump who's to say the same effects cannot be realised with a slightly slower pressure change.

Not Proven - but can't do any harm to try!

Harm can be done to the penis if the pump is left on for too long, but there can be no reason to assume that any harm can be caused from using it slightly differently by pumping the pressure up for just a few seconds. It may just provide some great long term benefits to the artery walls of your penis and improve blood flow.

I think I may try this!

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