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Body Image

Body image is how we feel about our body, and what we believe about our own appearance.

The Paradox

I don't have a perfect body – yet it would be assumed that a gay personal trainer (that sometimes gets naked) probably has rippling muscles. I keep everything in moderation, acutely aware of the (possible) paradoxical affect:

A better body (can) = poorer body image

Our body shape is determined by our genes

Our body's are amazing and we perhaps all need to be reminded of this and stop playing the comparison game:  stop comparing our muscles or shape to others. We all have different attributes which are affected by our genes - this we cannot change (Our body type). We can improve and tweak, but within certain parameters. Should we fall victim to the comparison game - it at least needs to be to similar body types, otherwise we are striving for a total unrealistic possibility that will inevitably lead to disappointment. 


We all perhaps should remember: everything in moderation.

Otherwise if we fail to do this, we risk losing something other than excess fat - something very valuable, such as good self esteem and confidence. This is a complex subject and one that can be discussed at length but for now we just need to be mindful that the perfect body, does not always lead to happiness.

Great Body - Sad Mind

Looking at others and comparing our body, to see how we need to further improve, is when it can all go wrong - our body image can take a blow. We constantly need to keep in mind functionality, but also it is about genetics and where we started from. If we have gained an improvement - it is good for us. This is what it has to be about - your body - not comparisons to others!  No one wants to get to the stage where they cannot appreciate what a great body they have worked so hard for because they're too busy playing the comparison game. When our training becomes obsessive and we want more and more benefits we need to be aware of the risks of greater disappointment as we compare. That is why comparisons should never happen. 

What is Health & Fitness?

Health & fitness is not just about the physical - the mental aspect can't be overlooked. When we train our body to improve our physical fitness, we need to consider how this can impact our mental fitness. This you may think is not relevant, as we all sometimes want to just get on with the business of getting stronger and fitter, but it is an issue that really can affect us all.

The more we get engrossed in any training - the more at risk we are of putting at risk another element of our health and fitness. Naturist Fitness Experience and Lifestyle training encourages us to look after and nurture all aspects of our health and fitness, not just the obvious physical benefits. We need to be sure that no benefits are being gained due to the detriment of something else.

An Imperfect Personal Trainer!

Body image is how we feel about our body, and what we believe about our own appearance. There are many factors that can affect our body image and it is all to easy for a perfect personal trainer to inadvertently dent our confidence. Luckily I'm an imperfect personal trainer that can hopefully help you feel better about your body. If anyone should have bulging muscles, it is me a naked Gay Personal Trainer. But I really do not. My body does all that it needs to do and I don't get drawn into the comparison game of what other personal trainers have or have not got.I'll also encourage you to really appreciate your body and never become too reliant upon the physical to help the psychological.

Your Body Image

Whilst I will always help you improve your health & fitness I will also always try to ensure you accept and appreciate your body.

Body Confidence

One Way to Get Body Confident - it may surprise you!

About Me & My Body Image

Accepting Our Body Type

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