Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

Body Confidence from Imperfections and Nakedness!


Helping you to feel great about your body functions and looks?

It's less about having the perfect body look - more to making the most of what you have and how your body functions. For example - as a Personal trainer - convention would dictate that I should perhaps be more muscular - but in in my 50's  I train for Longevity in Virility. How my body functions. I can help you do the same if you would like.

Improving Body Confidence

In addition to working upon gaining a physical improvement, it is great to also work on your thoughts about yourself and others gaining context about the whole subject as much as muscles!

A personal training session with me is all about what your body can do - how it moves and functions.  The emphasis is not upon how we both look - but how we function and how you feel.  I'll do my best so:

  • you always feel at ease
  • to focus upon an appreciation of how your body functions and moves
  • you get you to feel good and have a fun time with exercise

Then we can focus upon the gains you want - whether for health, fitness, strength or improving the look and shape of your body - always in the context of all the above.

As you go through this training process with me, you may just find that how you look will not be as important as - how you begin to feel about your body function and your health. You will love all that your body does for you and the fact that it is healthy!  And remember all the above is Me. I never play the comparison game, and all the fitness I do is for me and my health (not just physical). Only then do I worry about how my body looks and then I do it for me, not because I want to keep up with anyone else. Perhaps this is also the benefit of being an older personal trainer. 

Body Confidence from some Nakedness

I occasionally provide the Naturist Workout Experience session. Somewhat possibly counterintuitively Nude training can really help:

Body Confident with Nude Training

Using Nude training to Improve Your Body Image

Changing Your Body

My story may help you.

I did kick-start my own improvement in body confidence - to get where I am now: doing naked personal training, which considering I really don't have a great body, is quite surprising.

Being a personal trainer it is generally assumed that you have rippling muscles everywhere.  However I do have a body that works generally speaking - functions how I want it to and in my 50's I'm happy with that.

So I did work on defining a few muscles – but that was only due to my job,  I had actually arrived at a place of feeling okay about my body before this, however that was due to improving two other regions of my body – that surprisingly kick started my confidence a little - by making me feel better about myself.  They were two of the possibly mos unlikely areas: my face and my erection. Both had dropped a bit! But improving these did really help me.

So whilst we do not want to focus totally upon the physical, I do believe in moderation it can be of help to you too.

What small improvement may help you

This is where you have to be very careful, it is fine to want a body improvement thinking this will enable you to feel happy with your body, but the danger is that if the psychological aspects are not also addressed - there is a possibility that you can then find another thing that stops you feeling body confident and so it goes on. There are probably not many of us who don't see something they'd like to change or improve about their body. For most of us there will always be something – therefore as well as working on the small initial physical improvement your thoughts also need to be addressed, so that you will appreciate the small physical change and appreciate your whole body as it is.

That is not to say that you should not continue to improve the physical – that is good to do, but only if you do it because you want to, and not because you feel you need to in order to feel good about yourself.

There are some great exercises that are proven to boost testosterone and make you feel great about yourself. It is proven to work.

How to begin to feel good about yourself

In addition to working upon gaining a small physical improvement, it is great to also work on your thoughts about yourself and others whilst gaining context about the whole subject.

There are many ways to do this and what works for you will be very individual. The first step can be to have an understanding of what can take away our body confidence. As a toddler or young child most of us have body confidence naturally, it is only as we get older that different things work on us to strip it away. Sometimes knowing what has helped to strip your body confidence away can help us get it back again. There are so many things in this world that we live in, that are capable of eroding body confidence.  However the world we live in can also give us so much and perhaps sometimes we can help ourselves by understanding the bigger picture of this modern world by adding context to certain things. For example social media can be pretty hard to escape but all is not always as it may seem.  For example seeing pictures of people having such a wonderful time can make our own life seem less exciting. Yet when we are truly having a wonderful time we want to enjoy the moment and be in the moment - not worry about taking pictures to post on social media.  However perhaps it can sometimes be the case that some want to convince themselves or others that they are having a wonderful time, and so post a picture to try and gain affirmation.  I wonder if the same can be said for all those images of people's body's.

What images at this site say about body confidence

Images at this site are far from me publicising my body – it is almost a way to prepare you for normality as I'd hate anyone to be disappointed with my lack of muscles. The images here are only to set the scene and to add a touch of realism to what I write – trying to bring it to life, to help you see what to expect – nothing extreme just a healthy natural approach that is good for your body.  I know some may judge my body, but this may be taken out of context, without understanding me and what I am about. The images here are most definitely not me showing my body off as I don't have much to show off! I'm just setting the scene.

Therefore the only time I care what others think about my body is in relation to how my body reflects what kind of a personal trainer I am. I think it probably reflects my whole training ethos quite well: as it shows everything in moderation, for example I do not get obsessed with muscle size on it's own as this can lead to injury. I concentrate upon my health and my whole body – as to me looking healthy and as youthful as possible comes above muscle size, I just try and look after my body and all aspects of my health.  I have enough body confidence to not worry too much about what others think, not because I have a great body, but because I know what is real and what I need to appreciate. I am confident enough to get naked, to do my job and appreciate my body.

The subject of body confidence can get murky

We do need to always remind ourself about: functionality, which is far more important than a body that looks great, but maybe doesn't work too well. And this is where the subject of body confidence can get a bit murky. In the process of getting a body that looks great, some put their health at risk which is no good for function, and certainly no good for the long term looks of the body. Your body to a certain extent reflects your health. The lengths that some people go to to get their great body can be so extreme, it definitely risks their health, and will only give them a great looking body for a short time.

What makes us attractive

It is not all about individual body parts and size or always even shape – sometimes it is confidence. A certain amount of confidence can help us to look attractive. If you become overly concerned about your body it may erode this body confidence that leads to greater attractiveness. If you like your body others probably will too! What helped me is the naked training, where some glances at myself in the mirror meant I would catch sight of a totally natural image of myself – that sometimes quite shocked me as it was nothing to do with tweaking certain parts of my body. The reality was that body language and posture seemed to make such a bigger difference that the stupid things that I was noticing in the mirror in private, when I was not seeing myself as others see me.  Therefore I have less focus upon a few specifics and more of an all round approach. But as much as anything I am happy with my body, as do remember no one else knows where we started off from and what our body is like naturally.

Plus it is worth remembering that Body Confidence is not always related to having the perfect body, in fact often you can often find the reverse to be true.

How I can help you

The subject of body confidence is complex and one that I do not claim to be an expert in. However my nursing career, personal training and life in general has taught me so much about body image and I put all this together to help you feel great about your body...


Good question and the honest answer is: until I get to know you I really don't know.  So I take the time to get to know you. However there are a few aspects that will generally help everyone that trains with me:

My Imperfect Body

As previously discussed my body is far from perfect and compared to the average personal trainer is probably lacking. But maybe in a way this can help you as being confronted with rippling muscles everywhere has the potential to make you feel inadequate. In my body you'll hopefully just see everything is just okay and it will definitely not intimidate you – but hopefully inspire you as something that is relatable and achievable rather than impossible. Here is where I should say that sometimes my body confidence is tested when I see that people I am training have a better body than me, as happened just a few days ago. His body was great but his confidence was needing a boost.

The different fitness experience that I offer

Training Naked has been proven to help confidence. However there is no pressure to do the naked bit – I do train with my clothes on too! How confidence can be boosted with nude training.

My Personality

I am not the normal fitness fanatic trainer, I am more focussed upon health and that means mental health too. My previous career was very much based upon caring for, and wanting to help people, If I can help you feel better about yourself in any way, then for me that gives a great sense of achievement, and is what I do this job for. I don't judge ever and I am acutely aware of how we all have different pressures upon us which all leads to different mental health and physical health outcomes for us. But do know that we can improve both and what's more we can really enjoy doing both too!

How Much Psychological- How much Physical?

As I get older (and hopefully wiser!) I am beginning to realise just how our mental health and physical health are linked. Often we tend to think of the mental health influence upon the physical health of our body for example: the willpower to exercise, addiction in whatever form and willingness to make healthy choices, but sometimes the reverse is true. It can be the case that our physical health and fitness really does help our mental health. In my own particular case I have periods of my life when I can feel very down, and now I am older I can recognise this happening more easily and do something about it to help alleviate it. What has really helped me is exercise and if I'm honest it has sometimes been my saviour and is sometimes one of the main drivers fer exercising - I know I need to exercise in order to help my low mood. Exercise has been proven to be an effective treatment for depression. I appreciate that not everyone suffers from low periods or low confidence, but my own personal examples as all written about above hopefully demonstrates how our mental health, confidence, health and physical appearance are all interlinked and perhaps to just address one without the other is not always good.

Everything in Moderation is never a bad thing!

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