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How to Make Yourself Exercise, Just Brush Your Teeth

It may sound odd but it really works!

Ii can be so easy to make yourself exercise and if you want to stop your body falling apart it is vital.

⚠️ Nudity Warning

The Foolproof Way to Make Yourself Exercise

This Simple Exercise Works So Many Muscles

naked can make it enjoyable too!

stand like this whilst doing something else
Stand on 1 leg for a period of time - such as why brushing your teeth.
  1. Pick something you really want to gain: happier mood, harder erection, a health benefit!
  2. Find a simple exercise you can do in 1 min, involving no equipment that will get you this benefit. (There are lots)
  3. Do it at the same time that you do a ritualistic thing.

And it really can be as simple as that! making yourself do it to get into the habit – just do it for the improvement that you are going to get!

The Next Step...

Making yourself exercise can be easy - just think about why you brush your teeth.

We all brush our teeth but do not necessarily enjoy it. We do it because we don't want our teeth to look disgusting and fall out.  Yet exercise is the same – if I did not exercise I could look pretty disgusting and start falling apart pretty quickly. As I am not a naturally strong muscular person, my age would very quickly have it's way. I exercise not because I enjoy it: because I enjoy the fact that I'm stopping my body from falling apart - just like stopping my teeth falling out.

The difference

Brushing your teeth is easy and we think it takes no real effort - but it does - when you're feeling tired you still make yourself do it. Plus we have to buy equipment and sometimes we have to go to the dentist – every six months. So effort is needed yet we still all do it.

The Make Yourself Exercise Guide Erection Kaizen style

  • The easy way to make yourself exercise is therefore to just do the same for your body as for your teeth:
  • Know that you have to do it otherwise your body will fall apart
  • keep it simple EK Training style – something that will exercise your whole body in less than a minute (I have the perfect exercise for you)
  • know that you must do it every day otherwise your body will start deteriorating bit by bit - many erection kaizen exercises can be done in 1 minute
  • know that 1 minute of exercise can be so powerful – if you get the correct exercise and can give you stronger erections!
  • Know that you are doing some good to your body - getting stronger, healthier, slowing ageing and increasing sexual prowess!

Know and remember that you have to do it every day - everyone can spare just 1 minute! In time this may then lead to 2 mins!

Exercise Saboteurs

  • Simply knowing where to start! (Selecting something that you really want to gain can be a great start - no matter how small or big)
  • Feeling that you are not getting results (the right exercise for you will get the right results). EK training will get the right one for you to improve your erection for example.
  • Feeling tired - but remember you still brush your teeth even when tired. As a back up have an exercise you can do at the same time.
  • Lack of time - is no excuse as the right 1 minute exercise can be all that is needed.

To Make Yourself Exercise - Keep it Simple

There are just a few good very simple exercises within your EK Training that really will help your whole body fitness. Plus, they'll help you feel virtuous knowing that you have done some good to your body and stopped it deteriorating any further - especially your erection!. This can lead to other more healthy lifestyle choices.

And keep thinking of the saying...

Use it or Lose it

This really is so true! Just 1 minute every day - that really is all you need to stop your body falling apart – just like your teeth!

...once you do get use to doing an exercise

  • Occasionally throw in some specific extra exercise - such as your butt hole move!
  • Keep this as a separate to your 1 minute routine or try a sexualness exercise.
  • Always do the 1 min routine regardless and if you want to do any more then great.

Making Exercise a Habit?

Maybe try to think less about making yourself exercise - become a habit.

When the emphasis is upon getting it to be a habit we risk losing the most powerful association – all the good it does. Sole focus upon the health giving properties and erection boosting capabilities, let alone the improvement to how you look and your sexualness, can make you jump into action to get those benefits.

As soon as some effort is involved we can seem to find any excuse to not do IT.. And what is IT ?

...far more than exercise - It is looking after your body, your penis and therefore also your happiness?

Perhaps if we were to not call it exercise and call it a make me happy session we would have a constant reminder as to why we are doing it. However we can also so want something to become a habit, yet habits can be very easily broken which is why the whole focus of EK Training is easy and aims to slot alongside your current daily activities. It is one thing to work hard to try to develop a habit, but you do have to work harder to keep it going all the time. However maybe knowing it will keep you HARDer for longer may motivate you?

How did the teeth cleaning work?

As kids we are taught to clean our teeth – we do teach our kids the benefit of exercise but not how to do it, or necessarily do it effectively.

How to make yourself exercise when you don't enjoy it, should be easy as we all know it is good for us in so many ways – if it were a drug it would be the miracle cure.

Exercise not enjoyable

Just do it naked!

Most of the time, we do something because it gives us enjoyment. And whilst exercise, may at the time give us pain and discomfort – we actually get the enjoyment later either by:

  • feeling virtuous
  • happier and more positive as a result of all the feel good chemicals
  • the expectation of seeing the improvement.
  • then ultimately seeing or feeling the actual improvement.

Switching your seeking of pleasure from the immediate short term to the long term can be the key to making yourself exercise - knowing that the pleasure will come.

however if we exercise naked - even horrible exercises can be exciting...

If none of the above works for you

Thinking of other things that you do – but which you may not enjoy doing. We come back to the cleaning your teeth bit here, but It may be also like walking the dog – something that you don't necessarily like to do but you do it because you know you have to or there will be consequences. Well there will be consequences if you don't look after your body -it will gradually fall apart.

If you don't make yourself exercise you will fall apart. Up until the age of 30 you can to some extent get away with it - as your body is generally working at its optimum. This also means that if you do exercise - the gains can be great and can set you up for life - so still no excuse to not make yourself exercise - make the most of this time when your body really is at it's best.

Forget about getting into the habit

I ask my clients to think about how many habits they really have or have managed to sustain.

Rather than trying to get into the habit of exercise think of it as a ritual – just something that you know you must do. As after all would you describe the act of cleaning your teeth a habit or a ritual - and you are still doing it.  Habits can be so easily stopped - especially the good ones, and unless it is something that is so enjoyable or a simpler way of your body something - can take a lot of work to keep up.

The Guide to Making Yourself Exercise

and sustaining it!

just get naked....

The easy way to make yourself exercise may therefore be to just make it sexually exciting!

Or if you want a more conventional approach - make it a ritual. But first you have to know why you are doing it.

  • Pick something that you really want to gain – such as a happier mood, a bigger muscle, a harder erection, a health benefit. Something that you really want!
  • Choose a quick simple exercise from Erection Kaizen that you can do in 2 mins or under, that involves no equipment, that will get you this improvement. (I'm happy to help with this – make yourself exercise by getting the right exercise)
  • Do it at the same time that you do some other ritualistic thing – such as brushing your teeth. Do it either at the same time such as the naked x pose when you awake,  or before bed. But you must tag the exercise onto the ritual and you must know exactly why you are doing the exercise. Easy if its part of your Erection Kaizen! As we know exactly why we brush our teeth, and we do it for this reason. The same will be true for the exercise, no making yourself do it to get into the habit – just do it for the improvement that you are going to get.

Stop Falling Apart

As you age your body changes. Up until 30 all is generally great and your body is working at optimum levels - just one example: hormone profile is great, which helps manage fat to muscle ratio better. If you do exercise the gains will be far superior in your 20's to when in your 50's. All your physiological systems will be working well in your 20's.

In your 30's one big change is that muscle will start to be lost. This is why the late 20's and 30's can be when we first start to notice a decline in our erections - as well as due to the stresses and strains of life.  If you begin Erection Kaizen to keep it - it will stay, and can get bigger. If you do nothing it will gradually shrink. Am I talking about muscles or penis here?

What do you think?

Actually both...

After the age of 30 you can expect to gain approximately 1 pound of fat every year and lose about a half pound of muscle . This amount can gradually increase and accelerate after the age of 60. However make yourself exercise and you can reverse this process - gain muscle and lose fat.

Think more of this and spare yourself 1 minute every day!

It really is as simple as that.

Don't like the gym?

That means you may like training with me!

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