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Is Your Medicine Causing Erection Problems?

Is your medicine causing erection problems? This may help you decide if you need to speak to your GP.

Some medicines can cause problems with erections and are known to cause erectile dysfunction.

Is your medication causing erection problems?

Side Effects

If we read the list of side effects with common over the counter medications it can be surprising the affects they can have upon our body. But just because it is listed – does not mean it will definitely cause you problems.

Worth Remembering

f Tobacco and Alcohol were a medicine they would be listed here. The chances are that alcohol may be causing more of a problem.

The affects of alcohol are gradual. Initially a small amount will not effect the erection process, but we've all heard of brewers droop and this is a gradual process. Whilst a lot of alcohol is needed to stop an erection happening drink by drink, but by bit your erection may be weaker and weaker.

Worth Checking

If you are taking regular medication, as well as embarking upon pelvic floor exercises and other measures it may be worth you making sure that any problems are not being caused by your medication.


I am providing the information that the NHS provide. On no account should you stop taking prescribed medication. The NHS states:

Speak to your GP if you are concerned that a prescribed medicine is causing erectile dysfunction. Alternative medication may be available. However, it is important never to stop taking a prescribed medicine unless you are advised to do so by a qualified healthcare professional who is responsible for your care.

The NHS list the following medicines as those that can cause problems in some men:

Diuretics – often used to treat blood pressure.

Beta blockers – for high blood pressure

Antidepressants – used to treat depression and some types of pain

Antipsychotics – used for mental health

Fibrates – used to lower cholesterol levels (not statin)

Corticosteroids – steroid medications

Anticonvulsants – for epilepsy

Antihistamines – used for allergies

Cytotoxics – chemotherapy

Full details from the NHS are Here

Is your medicine causing erection problems?

Just because it is listed does not mean it is having an effect. The advice by the NHS is to speak to your GP and never stop taking a prescribed medicine unless you are advised to do so by a health professional responsible for your care.

Information on prescription medication


Stopping smoking for as little as 24 hours can make your erection stronger. Further details are here

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