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Pelvic Floor Workout style High Intensity Interval Training

A pelvic Floor Workout even when brushing teeth or when listening to the Radio for a different version of HIIT

Pelvic Floor Workout from London Personal Trainer in form of HIT strengthens erection muscle for a stronger harder erection. 

The Pelvic Floor Workout discovery!

You know that muscle ache you get after a hard workout - especially the next day, I've realised that lately I haven't had it after doing the erection exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles - which means...

...I haven't been exercising them intensely enough.

..until yesterday when I had the perfect Pelvic Floor Workout in the form HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The name says it all but it is usually hard to get the intensity hard enough as we are not lifting weights with our penis, but instead music provides the challenge - different beats and duration of record! Perfect - especially if listening to radio as presenter when talking between records provides the interval - but for how long and what tempo will the next song be! All this uncertainty and difference is a great way to train.

Pelvic Floor Workout:

Interval 1 Squeeze and release to the beat of song on radio

Recover whilst presenter talks (Cel Spellman),

Interval 2 Exercise pelvic floor again in time to next track, different beat for different challenge

This is HIT (high intensity interval training) for erection improvements!

...a Pelvic Floor Workout to the Beat!

Without weights to lift or pedals to push round and no real tangible movement (unless doing when erect) - exercising pelvic floor muscles to max intensity is hard. When we are erect it can be easier - we can count how many penis bobs we can do - due to the penis moving more. However when flaccid the movement and sensations are not so noticeable especially when clothed as it is not always practical to be naked with an erection!

As was the case yesterday, in public therefore i was fully clothed and not erect but exercising pelvic floor muscles still proved to be really successful. As you know to really get  any muscles to build stronger we need to exert them to exhaustion, which with weights is easy, but with our penis and anus a bit tricky especially when clothed!

However doing the erection exercises in time to music is great as it makes us work them at different beats as the song speeds up or slows down. This targets different muscle fibres - getting them all to work can be challenging but the quickness of the beat targets fast twitch and the duration of the record giving the added challenge of duration. If listening to the Radio as I was yesterday this gives the perfect interval training due to the talk of the presenter providing the valuable recovery time before you go again on the next record. This also makes it a perfect exercise to do whilst in a traffic jam or on the train - listen and squeeze to improve your erection quality.

All this pelvic floor exercising yesterday brought extra blood flow to the whole area and invigorated! So with a partial erection I continued to exercise in private and try to break my record of penis bobs whilst slightly erect!

These two combined gave me a great pelvic floor workout that I am really feeling the effects of - not only with the satisfying post exercise ache, but also my penis feeling very responsive! A great reason to exercise!