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Penis Pump Improve Erection Quality vs HarperCapability


Penis Pump Improves Erection Quality for sure - but The Harper Capability can do so much more.

Can A Penis Pump Improve Erection Quality Long Term, or are they just an aid to gain a one off erection?

What the NHS says

Penis pumps are advocated by the NHS but as an aid to gaining a one off erection. Each time an erection is wanted the Vacuum pump needs to be used, this forces extra blood to enter the penis, and once there, is trapped by the means of a tight band to keep it there. But can a vacuum device actually improve the long term chance of achieving spontaneous erections and improve erection quality?

Some Reasons For Losing Erection Quality

Pelvic Floor Muscle Tone

It has been demonstrated that many erection problems encountered, can be due to poor pelvic floor muscle tone. This is the muscle, that when squeezed, will slow a stream of urine or stop wind. As this muscle loses strength – erection quality can also be lost.

Blood Flow

The arteries that supply blood to the penis are narrow, and over time can become further reduced in diameter as a result of fatty deposits sticking to the artery walls, due to the ageing process and an unhealthy lifestyle.


Feelings of arousal in the brain travel through the nerves to activate the erection process. If there is a problem in this process as a result of nerve damage – the erection process may be impaired. Nerves can be damaged as a result of surgery, or affected by disease and the ageing process.

Can a Penis Pump Improve Erection Quality?

It would stand to reason that if poor blood flow can cause the problem, then anything that encouraged extra blood flow to the penis will help (especially as it is listed as a treatment by the NHS). But it is listed as a means of purely just achieving an erection – can a penis pump actually improve erection quality and the chances of obtaining a spontaneous erection?

Two studies have demonstrated that penis pumps can improve erection quality and help achieve spontaneous erections in the long term. The reasons are not fully understood.

Penis Pump Improve Erection Quality Long Term

Penis pumps have been shown to improve erection quality in the long term and can be used as an effective treatment for men having problems achieving spontaneous erections.

If it can help men with nerve damage gradually improve their erection, then those that do not have a known reason for losing their erection, may also see an improvement. 

Before Using a Penis Pump

Before using a penis pump to improve your erection – Penis exercises are also proven to work. If you do use a pump be sure to follow instructions, it really is important otherwise serious damage can occur.

Care when using a penis pump

It really is advisable to follow instructions. Do not use the pump for too long, this is a case when instructions need to be followed. The blood trapped in the penis will be held their and may not be replaced with fresh oxygenated blood. Once the oxygen in the blood is used up - the tissue of the penis will not have the supply of oxygen that it needs which will start to cause damage to the cells. So really don't overdo it, otherwise you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

The Harper Capability

Whilst the Penis pump has some promise - it is for limited physical aspects. The Harper Capability strengthens the physical & the psychological. Erection quality generally includes an element f the psychological so if you want to reach your full potential, the Harper Capability will add so much to what you may already be doing with a penis pump. Please feel free to discuss with me.

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