Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men improve physical & mental health.

Reviews for the Naked Gay Personal Trainer for Men

⚠️ Nudity Warning

With training like this - you can perhaps see why I don't collect reviews!

The Personal Trainer for Men

A naked and gay personal trainer for men, is a service that does not lend itself to gaining reviews! Not everyone that uses my personal training service may be gay or openly gay. Those that use any of my unique services may not want to broadcast it to the world.

If I was running a more conventional service I know many of these people would be happy to give me a review, but out of consideration for privacy I have not asked anyone. A review with no picture or identity I feel is worthless, so this is the reason why I have no reviews of the service I give - not because I am a bad personal trainer but purely due to the way that some areas of society may judge others.

A Shared Bond of Fitness, with a Personal Trainer for Men

I'm a Personal Trainer for Men, offering a unique and individualised form of training in a friendly yet professional way, aiming to have a good relationship with everyone that I train. If you choose some of the more unique services or the lifestyle training that I offer - it does mean we have to get to know each other quite well. This encourages a training bond between us – an understanding that we may be doing something alternative, but something that is very effective and 100% healthy in all aspects.

My guarantee to you

I aim to give everyone I train a good service. This is a professional fitness training service that I offer, however it is sometimes delivered in either an alternative way or in the case of lifestyle training I do need to get to know you and your life quite well. I therefore really want the training to work for you and most of the time the people I train are very happy with the service that I give, and a shared bond of fitness develops between us.

However you can't please all of the people all of the time and I think I have very occasionally got it wrong. I would like to stress it is only with a few people I have trained that I think things could have gone better, but it does happen and when it does I really feel bad. So this is talked about instead - my own review! Disappointment if it ever occurs, can be due to managing expectations - as some think that there may be more of a sexual element involved - when there is a sexual energy but no sex.So a look at this page should clarify the situation for you: Sexual Energy.

If you would like to know any more about me or the service I offer then please feel free to contact me.

Where do we train?

Naked/Clothed. Straight/Gay Anything Goes - well nearly anything but not everything :)

Post Lockdown that is a good question. Currently it's all change and I no longer have a training facility in London or Bedford! Two options may or may not be possible

  • An Online Video Course - Pre-recorded - no Skype or Zoom - as I don't know where I'd end up!
  • Mobile - depending upon various factors

So for now the best thing to do is contact me to discuss!