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Personal Trainer for Health

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My specialist subject is Erection Kaizen

Plus the personal training is really personal - personal training with some very alternative training aims and some radical ways to train! Getting fit & healthy just got really exciting!

Getting Naked Can Be A Great Place To Start!

I may be an ideal personal trainer for health as I am a nurse with much healthcare and medical experience!

We're always being told to exercise. But with so many forms of exercise and conflicting advice on what is best, it really can be difficult to know what you should be doing: walking briskly, running, lifting weights or embarking on a form of high intensity training.

The answer always is the same - It depends upon what you want to achieve and what aspect of your health you are wanting to improve. If it's an improvement in general health - then it is always good to do a whole variety of exercises, that will target all areas of your body.

A range of illnesses and chronic conditions can be managed very successfully with small lifestyle changes. Often these changes will not all be about exercise but also can be helped by what we do outside of the gym. I can help you integrate healthiness into your existing lifestyle, in a way that you can enjoy.

A Safe Personal Trainer for Health

More than for any other reason if you are to employ a Personal Trainer for health reason then you need to be sure that they are competent.  I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer with the added qualification of GP Referral. This allows GP's to refer patients to me, if it is thought that Exercise and lifestyle change will help.

The reason I trained as a Personal Trainer was due to my medical background. Whilst working as a nurse in the NHS with experience in both coronary care and orthopaedics, I became disillusioned. The NHS firefights -- I wanted to stop the fire happening in the first place. This was my reason for the change of path that I took. One that I feel does more to help!  If you would like a Personal Trainer for health then I can assure you I am always totally professional and always practice safe methods. 

Personal Trainer for Health - Knowing What Works

I have experience of dealing with:

  • illnesses that can be improved through exercise
  • reducing the disabling impact of some illnesses

  • illnesses that can be prevented with a healthier lifestyle

Some conditions that can be helped

Mainly my specialist subject:

  • Erectile Dysfunction

however in the course of my work I also help the following....

There are so many different conditions that can be helped, with specialised workouts and lifestyle training.

If you want to improve your health with personal training - the first step is to tell me a little about yourself and what you want to achieve. I'll then reply back to you with some personal training options for you to consider.

A few health conditions are listed below but just because they are not listed here doesn't mean exercise and lifestyle change will not provide any benefits, so please feel free to get in touch. 

Low Back Pain

80% of people experience low back pain at some point in their lives.

The correct type of exercise can not only help prevent low back pain but also manage your existing condition – helping a speedier recovery.


The aim of personal training for people who have suffered from a stroke is to allow them to participate as much as possible in life and carry out activities of daily living. Exercise and lifestyle change can improve your overall health & well being, also helping to reduce the risk of recurrent stroke.

Personal training ensures total individuality and support to help functional capacity.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure if left untreated can lead to:

• Stroke

• Kidney failure

• Retinopathy

• Heart failure

• Angina

• An accelerated rate of cognitive decline

So we need to get this under control - and guess what it's similarities between erection training are vast - so this is my 2nd specialist subject as Erection Kaizen is all about blood flow, stress and anxiety awareness management, contentment and the big helper - Sexualness!

Whilst high blood pressure (hypertension) can be managed through medication, physical activity and lifestyle are important factors in the prevention and management of hypertension.

Regular aerobic activity has demonstrated a reduction in blood pressure although how it helps is not fully understood! Personal Lifestyle Training or Specialised workouts really can help manage High Blood Pressure. Diet and lifestyle chane when combined with exercise and stress management can have a powerful effect.

Multiple Sclerosis

Carefully individually chosen exercises can help overall health & well being, aiming to reduce both muscle wasting and the disabling impact of relapses.

Carrying out exercises to maintain muscle mass and strength can help with the activities of everyday living such as getting out of a chair or walking. Stretching can help muscles that are prone to tightness and affecting posture.

There is a rigorously researched Recovery Program that is not that dissimilar to Personal Lifestyle Training.


Rather than just focussing upon weight loss, achievable targets to increase activity levels and the health benefits this will give, is always a good starting point. Then with regular support and encouragement a new lifestyle can be adopted that will bring lifelong results. The lifestyle has to be continued for life otherwise the weight can just creep up again. But I can show you how to incorporate exercise painlessly and easily into your everyday life so that it can be sustained and you never know even enjoyed. Exercise will help but not as much as lifestyle change. I can help you with this, you may find it easier than you think:

Training your mind is an important aspect and one that Gay Personal Training aims to do which makes the whole process of reducing fat so much easier and sustainable. For example - by training the mind to crave improved health instead of craving the sweet snack.  This is possible by bringing about an initial health or body improvement that you want. Once you have achieved this you'll get long term satisfaction that will satisfy this part of your mind.  The cravings will gradually switch, from the short term sugar desire (or whatever else it may be) to the long term feelings of achievement in your body or health improvement.  The key to this happening is to find the health improvement that is also attainable fairly quickly.  Changing your way of life.


Exercise can improve the quality life through carefully chosen exercises to help mobility and strengthen the muscles around the joints to provide support. The type of activity chosen will depend upon the severity of the condition.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Exercise can not only improve symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breath but also help to reduce fear, anxiety and depression.


Many asthma sufferers avoid activity due to worsening symptoms when they exercise – leading to inactivity and decreased fitness levels. However exercise improves cardiopulmonary fitness and reduces the likelihood of provoking exercise induced asthma. Many sufferers report that they feel better and have fewer symptoms when fit.

How to get started

Personal Training for health involves a first assessment or meeting to establish what benefits are important to you. A history of your condition and current fitness levels are assessed so that I can choose the most appropriate exercises for you. Then we can start the personal training sessions at a time to suit you. 30 minute and 1 hour sessions are available.

To discuss any aspect of your health please feel free to contact me.

GP Exercise Referral

GP's can refer patients to me for help managing a range of Health Conditions including:

Mental Health


Stress Related Disorders

Muscular and Skeletal conditions



Total Hip Replacement

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Low Back Pain

Endocrine Conditions

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Respiratory Disorders


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Cardio-Vascular Disease


Neurological Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson's Disease



Weight Management

 Naked Training 

Gives total focus on your body and your health ...

... and being a naked experience - proven to give happiness too!

Erection Training

Naked or fully clothed...

erections not needed! But if they happen - no problem!


Roman Fitness

Don't like the gym?

That means you may like training with me!

  • My training sessions are different to normal

They focus upon the whole you - your whole being - if that seems an odd concept, I may not be the trainer for you...

...if you're intrigued, then perhaps I may be of some use to you, your health, fitness and just possibly your maleness and sexualness - whatever that may mean to you.


  • I'm a specialist trainer with extensive medical knowledge– able to help manage and improve many health conditions
  • please feel free to contact me:


  • I can visit you at your place in London or surrounding area
  • A limited service is available at my home gym in Bedford (40mins train journey from St Pancras International) - please ask for details.

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