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Best Exercise to Make Erection Harder?

by Craig

Hi Kwest,

Thanks for all the information about all the different exercises but I am unsure about what exercises would be best. I do not have a problem in getting hard at all. It is just that I do not get quite as hard any more and I don't know why. I'm going to try the exercises, but don't know which ones I should do first.
If you could tell me if the specific exercises will be enough, or if I should do the aerobic or resistance ones that you talk about? There is a lot of info but I'm not sure where to start?
Also, I wondered how long it will take to see a difference?
Thanks for any advice you can give.

Hi Craig,
All the exercises are proven to improve erection quality such as hardness, strength and duration. Getting an erection requires many different inputs by different parts of our body, and different exercises will target different parts.

Improving Blood Flow To Penis With Aerobic Exercise
For example aerobic exercise will improve blood vessels throughout our whole body, in a bid to improve oxygen delivery to the working muscles. This helps improve erection quality due to improving blood flow to the penis. The more blood in and less out - the harder and the stronger the erection will be.

Increase Rigidity With Specific Penis Exercise
However blood flow may be good, and it may be that some of the pelvic floor muscles may be a bit weak - effecting rigidity, as the pelvic floor muscles can help boost the pressure - rigidity of the penis is increased.

Strengthening Erection With General Resistance Training
Resistance training is a movement with added resistance in the form of a weigh, tension or even an immovable object (such as pushing against a wall). If you lift, move or push hard enough so that you really feel the muscle fatigue, this is good and will cause the blood vessels in the body to adapt and improve. All the blood vessels will improve.
The blood vessels that supply the penis with blood can be kept in great condition with resistance training that conditions them in a similar way as aerobic exercise, by ensuring maximum blood flow to working muscles - keeping them dilated and flexible, the effects of which continue long after the workout has ceased.

Try All Three But Make It Easy
So as you can see it does depend upon what is causing a weaker erection. Most of us never know - so the best exercises to do would be all of them. The resistance training exercises can easily be something you just do in your day - either in a structured way at a specific time or whenever you think about it. A few push ups or standing on one leg whilst doing certain activities are just one very simple easy way.

Aerobic exercise can be doing anything in your day that gets you out of breath for a period of time, such as running up stairs. There's lots of details here here

The pelvic floor (aka Penis Exercises) are specific exercises that strengthen the muscles that support a hard erection. These can be done anywhere - in the car, at a desk, even while walking. Just practice them in a variety of different positions or situations and see what works for you.

Important: Try and get into the habit of doing the Penis Exercises every day, you will get better at them, being able to use stronger contractions and for longer. Very quickly you'll see an improvement. Especially if you also increase your activity levels by doing some aerobic and resistance training at least once in your day. Do remember even 1 minute of an exercise is better than nothing - even if you're really tired make sure you do something every day - for the sake of your penis!
The more you do the quicker the result!
Let me know how you get on!
Good Luck

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Feb 03, 2018
Erection Improving Exercise Video Ideas
by: Kwest

Hi Craig,

Glad you like the Penis Exercises. It is difficult to give specific advice here – without seeing you or knowing much about your health & fitness. The training needs to be something that will provide a bit of stress to your body so that it adapts, but we don't want to overdo it and risk injury. It is possible with the right exercise to combine both resistance and aerobic by stressing the muscles so much that you also become out of breath. If you wanted to come for a training session sometime then we can find out what will work for you.

Alternatively there are a couple of videos that may help.
Medium Intensity Exercise video

High Intensity combining aerobic and resistance training

Maybe try the first one and if that doesn't get you out of breath or muscles aching then try the 2nd.

Hope this helps!

Jan 30, 2018
Can Do The Penis Exercise But Not Sure About Others
by: Craig

Hey Kwest, Thanks for your advice. The trouble is i just don't know what exercise I should do. I can do the Penis Exercise - I really like that and do it all the time at work. It is just the aerobic and resistance I'm not sure about as I don't go to the gym or anything. Plus I don't like running. Do you think I ought to do the scissors that you talk about?

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