Personal Male Coaching is less about muscles - more about health & fitness - plus so much more:how you feel and respond as a man - with Longevity - keeping this great Male feeling going ....for life.

The Naked Gym for the Naturist Fitness Experience


Personal training at the Naked Gym - now means I visit you at your place for an authentic Naturist fitness experience.

The original Greek word:: gymnasion - means school for naked exercise (mobile visits) or place to exercise naked.

Wrestlers on a pedestal of a kouros, about 510 BCE, pentelic marbre, NAMA3476, Greece.[CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

Want to come to the School for Naked Exercise?

The Naked Gym gives you perhaps the most authentic fitness experience, just like the Romans and Ancient Greeks we will exercise naked with minimal equipment. They had no fancy gadgets, just nudity and an appreciation of their body's,

What is the Naked Gym - now

It is your home, place of work or hotel room. Just like the Romans we do not need all the electronic equipment - in fact we don't need any equipment. All we need is your body for a bodyweight workout to challenge you like no other. I can visit you for mobile personal training - the room where we workout may be even more of a naked gym, but we can use whatever happens to be lying around for an imaginative workout session.

Our Body's

When the exercise is all about your body we are just focused upon that, rather than becoming distracted with equipment. This focus really enhances the feelings you will get from the exercise.

Exercise like the Romans or Ancient Greeks?

The Romans and Ancient Greeks both exercised naked but we don't have to do it quite like the Greeks who thought the glans unseemly! To ensure the glans could not be seen they pulled their foreskin over and tied it with string or a fibula ( a bit like a safety pin!) - called infibulation!

Want to try

The Naturist Fitness Experience?

100% natural fitness training for body & mind.

The Exercise

You'll get a bodyweight workout that is challenging and rewarding. It is not really like yoga - some aspects possibly, but it is not as formal or structured - it is more about listening to your body and a whole range of different movements to really challenge your body.

Enhanced Feeling

No equipment brings about a focus upon your body, to give an enhanced feeling and greater results, due to the increased intensity that you are able to give to the exercise. When your muscles really start to ache - you'll get an improvement - they will grow bigger and stronger. Being naked puts you in touch with this process all the more and allows you to embrace it - along with all the other different feelings you may experience with this unique training.

More About Naked Personal Training

Paradoxically gives us more confidence

Being Confident with no comparisons

What happens if you get an erection!

What happens if you don't get an erection during the training - this is a normal response too!

Reasons for erections in Naked Training are many and not always sexual!

Non sexual erections in happy & fun situations 

Nude Training for improved sex life!

It's not Rude to be Nude for Personal Training!

What Affect Our Penis Size During Naked Training

Try a Penis Exercise to Make Your Erection Harder?

Exercising for health. This is a great way to improve your health. The Romans used exercise as medicine too - American Physiological Society